Musings in the Dark: Coming Soon: The Nightingales


Coming Soon: The Nightingales

I am thrilled to report that my next book, Nightingales: CRASH!!! will be published
next week by Middle Child Press.  Nightingales is a contemporary supernatural series about five women who unite to solve the mystery of a haunted apartment that one of them occupies.   The series is expected to be a minimum of six 60-page books, or “episodes.”

Fans of Musings in the Dark may recall when this idea was first conceptualized a couple of years ago; as a response to a writing challenge posted on At the Bar.  Like ideas tend to do, this one took root, sprouted, and then evolved...and boy, did it ever.  I was not planning to write a series, but when the Muse speaks, I listen.  Therefore, I do not know how many books it will take to resolve the plot.  I will, however, take my time in doing so. Join me, if you will.

Readers can stay abreast of the Nightingales by checking out the supplemental blog, which will be released shortly before the publication of CRASH!!!  There are full biographies of each protagonist and information about the people in their lives, as well as anecdotes and facts about the setting of the story…my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.  Feel free to follow the blog and share your opinions and reviews of the books as the series progresses.

CRASH!!! is the pilot episode and in it, we meet the Nightingales: Lee-Lee, Monica, Neveyah, Jo, and Cressida.  

Neveyah and her BFF Jo are rudely awakened by Cressida, who is moving into a recently-vacated apartment on their floor.  Also disturbed by Cressida’s early-morning relocation shenanigans are Lee-Lee and Monica.  They converge in the hallway and sparks begin to fly.  Little do they know that Cressida’s loud and abrupt entry into their lives also marks the entry of something other.

Let the countdown to publication begin!

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