Musings in the Dark: Meet the Nightingales: Monica Tierney


Meet the Nightingales: Monica Tierney

Nightingales was conceptualized to be a cable television show, and as such, is dreamcasted.  The actresses that were chosen have made the characters come to vivid, wonderful life and it is with the utmost respect that I reference them here and on the Nightingales blog.

As part of the publication countdown, allow me to introduce the dreamcast of this exciting new series. 

Chrystee Pharris as Monica
Monica Tierney is a computer geek with a love for languages and the law.  She’s practical, brilliant, and relentlessly planning her future with Chris Kang, her fiance. She’s about to be in over her head in an unexpected spiritual struggle.  A Christian, Monica is unprepared for what is about to be unleashed.


“Let’s deal with this, then,” Monica said.  She took a huge swig of coffee and walked down the hall to the lady, who was running a hand over her perfectly coiffed hair.  Monica tapped her curtly on the shoulder.  “Excuse me.”
The woman turned and looked at Monica, her eyes hard.  “Do not touch me again.”
Monica glared at her.  “I’m not sure if you realize it, but there are others living on this floor and you are making entirely too much noise.  It’s seven in the morning.  Do you mind taking your screaming into your loft so that we can go back to our nice, quiet lives?”
The woman rolled her eyes at Monica before turning back to continue directing the moving men, who were currently bringing in a beautiful green, ivory and red Italian sofa.  Monica bristled as Lee-Lee, Jo and Neveyah joined her, and she tilted her head in annoyance.  “Lady, if you don’t want me to knock your stank ass out, you will answer my question.”
The lady turned again to look at Monica, now flanked by the other girls.  “What is this?  Are you a gang or something?  Do you plan to assault me?  Whatever you think you are going to do, rest assured you will go to jail for it.”  She wasn’t the least bit intimidated.
“My father’s the Chief of Detectives, honey.” Jo said.  “We won’t even make it to lock-up.  Besides, what makes you think that you’ll survive anything we choose to do?”
The woman smiled coldly and rolled her eyes again, shifting her bag to the other arm.  There was a large ring on the middle finger of her right hand; the aquamarine was roughly the size of a sparrow’s egg.  “You will not lay a hand on me.  I will see your Chief of Detectives and raise you the Mayor.  Do you know Kasim?” She paused for emphasis.  “I thought not.  Run along, little girl.”  She turned away and began to follow the men who were carrying two large gold floor lamps into her loft.
Monica was aghast.  She looked at the other girls.  “That rude…!”  Then she sighed dramatically and muttered, “I’m not going to let the devil use me; I’m just not.”  She took another swig of coffee and closed her eyes.

Next up:  Neveyah

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