Musings in the Dark: September 2014


The Rebirth of Slick (IV)

It's almost been two months since I've been getting the weekly Trey treatment, and I've been asked about my health as a result.

It's great.  Physically, mentally,'s green across the board.  Not to mention the fact that I'm able to get aroused again, which is a definite bonus.  (It is a bit...tedious...for Trey to constantly get me up and not back down, but that's the subject of a Shortie, not a blog post)


The Rebirth of Slick (III)


Yeah, this looks to be a series of Stella-esque proportions.  I'm working some things out, so...

(Leoprincess, getchu a Self-Care Fund on the real)

I used to get a massage once a month at Massage Envy in the States. 45 minutes and slightly more than a dollar per minute and contracts are required and medical history and all...Over here, where there's at least 3 massage parlors on every freakin' corner, they don't deal with that level of bureaucratic bullshit.  No contract, no dambs given regarding medical history or anything of the sort.  They feel like if you want a massage, then it's on you what your issues are if you don't speak up to your therapist.  And you can get a 90-minute massage for about $40.

So the first time I rolled up in one of said parlors, I was given a pair of paper panties.  Being used to keeping my underwear on at Massage Envy, I was like, "Dafuq is this about?"  The therapist assigned to me (her name was "Candy") explained in halting English that it's to keep from getting oil in the fabric.  I could also opt to keep them off if I wanted...but I wasn't even trying to hear that nonsense.

(She also asked if I wanted my breasts massaged and I couldn't get the words "Hell no" out fast enough)


The Rebirth of Slick (II)

Cont’d from part I

This didn’t occur to me until after my most recent session.  I can understand why it took so long; it’s been y  e  a  r  s since I’ve been able to manifest anything above lukewarm.  I thought that I’d never regain the ability to do what a woman’s body should; that in spite of the men I’ve met and hope to meet, none of them would come close to moving the needle.

Boy, was I utterly and completely wrong.

Trey’s grasp of English is just barely enough to do his job; he understands the words he needs to, but there aren’t many, and nothing more elaborate than that.  Complex phrases are lost on him and don’t even try using sentences.  Most of the massage therapists have a limited command of the English language.  They’re not required to know it to service customers.  At any rate, Trey knows what “very good,” “pain,” “softer,” and “harder” mean.


The Rebirth of Slick

This may or may not be the beginning of a series.

I'm actually ruminating on how best to present this post.  Ankh suggested I go full on in-your-face, but I don't think that would be the best method.  Rather, I think I'll approach this from the stance of a woman experiencing a re-awakening and coming to terms with exactly what this means and its implications.

The title means exactly what you think it does.

I put my sexuality on hold for a very long time while I took care of my family and worked out my issues.  There was also graduate school to consider, and with those three enormous elephants, a part of me had to go uncared for, and my womanhood was it.  When your mind is always distracted and you're operating at a level of stress so tough that you don't realize it even as it's tearing down your body, sex can either be a well-deserved outlet or a serious unwelcome distraction.  I couldn't keep a boyfriend longer than six or seven months because of those three elephants, and even then I couldn't get them to give me what I wanted.  So I just let that part of my life wither.