Musings in the Dark: January 2022


Devil's Siren

I am pleased to announce the publication of the long-awaited novel Devil's Siren. It took what amounted to ten years between the time of conception and final publication. It's got a brand-new cover, created by the super-talented DNogitsune, and I am immensely pleased with how well it turned out.

Ravana Davide is a businesswoman notorious for being an ice queen.  Her life—replete with fast cars, fabulous clothes, and oceanfront property—is a lonely one. After a particularly cold business transaction, Ravana learns that she isn’t alone and never has been. She’s been guarded and protected by Nazar, a powerful demon who is now ready to claim her as his bride. Ravana is hesitant, but Nazar convinces her of the life she could have…especially now that Corson, Nazar’s ancient rival, is in the mix with plans to claim her as well. But Ravana isn’t so keen to leave her fate in the clutches of demons.

Get your copy here for $3.99. Thank you, Dilettantes, for all of your support.


2021 Year End Wrap Up

2021 was fairly uneventful, compared to 2020.  We’re still dead-ass in a pandemic and Covid’s had two evolutions since then: the Delta Variant and the Omicron Variant.  Fortunately (at least I hope), I got vaccinated last summer before returning to Dakar.  As I said in my previous year end wrap-up, Covid has put the kibosh on my international travels. I had plans to go to Morocco and Portugal, but the whole mess of taking Covid tests before traveling for short trips wasn’t worth it to me.