Musings in the Dark: January 2013


The Lingerie Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, I got a notice from Jamie over at Black Girl Nerds.  She received an email from a web promoter looking for someone to review lingerie for their website.  Immediately I put a bid in because I love lingerie, and I’ve wanted to continue my Sexy Things series.  So I contacted the web promoter and she said I had to choose a piece of lingerie from their online catalog and review it.  The lingerie was free of charge, so how could I possibly lose?



Hey!  Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still around and I'm over my flu.  However, life has gotten super extra busy for me as I'm working against a deadline, job hunting, making plans to make decisions regarding my future, and...writing!  The muse has come to visit and she may stick around for a while. *crosses fingers and knocks on wood*


Fic Update Alert: His Girl Friday

Chapter 4 of "His Girl Friday" is finally up on pinkelegance.  Called "The Gotham Stock Exchange," it details the events before and after Bane's hit on the Exchange up to just before the beat'emdown scene.

I sincerely hope it won't take me another month to post the next chapter.  I'm think I'm finally rid of this damn flu, but who knows?


The Creative Network

It’s funny how ideas connect between people.  It’s fascinating how one person’s creative muse can channel and inspire the muse of another.  It’s actually wonderful when it happens, because I don’t believe it is something that happens regularly, at least in my experience.

As you may or may not know, my partner in crime and fellow lunatic Ankhesen MiĆ© began work on a series heavily inspired and influenced by Grey’s Anatomy and Star Trek called “Gaya’s Astronomy.”  Whether you’re a fan of these shows or not doesn’t matter, as the series stands alone and doesn’t require familiarity of either canon.  Gaya’s Astronomy follows the adventures and exploits of a group of Ensigns shortly after graduating from Starfleet Academy.  I highly recommend it; it’s well-written, laugh-out-loud funny and the characters are fascinating and memorable…and *lowers head and whispers* just recently, she introduced a character inspired by my second baby’s daddy, Rick Yune, but that’s neither here nor there.  *back in regular voice*  Ankh treats GA like an actual TV show; it has an opening montage and soundtrack, and the volumes are set up as seasons, and each episode is a chapter.  We’re nearly at the end of Season 4 and just when you think Ankh can’t go any further, she does and tops herself.  Hence the beauty of the muse. 



What F*ckery Is This?

Over At the Bar, there’s a post by Renee of Womanist Musings describing some new weight-loss gadget that I know is going to cause a shitstorm of problems for many.  Apparently, you can pump your own stomach now.  I can’t go into much detail about this utter bit of fuckery; just click on the link and read this madness for yourself.



The following is an excerpt from my forthcoming novel Tainted:
 Kemme recognized the large envelope the moment it was handed to her.  It felt just like the others; same texture, same weight.  She knew what it contained.  Leseda and Grace, her sisters, turned to look.

            “Another one?” Grace asked.
            “What’s that make, six?” Leseda inquired.
            “Yep.  Six.”
            “No return address?”
            Kemme opened the envelope; a 12 X 15 flat made of some expensive textured material, and carefully pulled out a black folder.  Leseda and Grace were immediately by her side, ogling as she opened it.
            “Oh wow, this one’s different,” Grace said.


In This, A New Year...

I’ve had the flu for the past month, which is the reason I haven’t been posting as much as I would normally.  The older you get, the longer it takes to rebound from illness and injury.   December is also the month when my yearlong emotional cycle is at its lowest point, so I can take comfort in knowing that soon I’ll be in a better place mentally and emotionally.  One of the things that I’ve come to understand with being bipolar is that I have to let my emotions do what they do.  I can’t (and won’t) suppress them.  If I’m shifting, I let my loved ones know that I have to be off the grid for a couple of days and they understand why.  It is the way my life is now, and if I’m to be happy and productive, I have to make adjustments in order to do so.