Musings in the Dark: Update



It's been almost six weeks since I last posted.  So much has happened and I've been super-busy with work.  The institute where I am employed sends its students on week-long field trips out into various countryside provinces.  The point is for them to experience the real China up close and personal.  

I was a chaperone on one of these trips and lawd, I wasn't ready for the excessive amount of walking that takes place (and this was supposed to be the "easy" trip).  I never claimed to be in shape, but if this is going to be a yearly thing, then I best get my workout game up.

And then, a completely unexpected thing happened...which you can read about on The Blasian Narrative.  I'm still getting my head around said event...and its eerie sorta-kinda parallel to my novel, Corruption.  

In two weeks, the school year will be over and I will finally have time to get back to regular updates.  Nothing is as time-consuming as August and June when it comes to the lives of educators.


  1. Life is short. Go and have a wonderful time. I like how Seven was playing match maker on the sly.


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