Musings in the Dark: Meet the Nightingales: Jocasta Dallas


Meet the Nightingales: Jocasta Dallas

Bianca Lawson as Jocasta Dallas

Jo is a genius, an author, a Daddy's Girl, and a popular bartender at a downtown strip club.  She’s at a crossroads in her life, a woman with decisions to make and baggage to either claim or release, and finds herself caught up in a situation that tests her heart, her strength, and all of her abilities.


The patron who ordered the Mojito leered at Jo, a look on his face she was all too familiar with.  “Give a guy a free show, Red.  Flash them titties.”
“Hey—” Mitch began, but Jo put her hand up, walked to the counter and looked the man in the face.  Assholes were a dime a dozen in her line of work and she knew how to handle them.  If Rianne allowed it, she would have Mary Jane on her person at all times.  The customer looked her up and down and licked his thick lips.  He was obviously new to Magic City and so had to get indoctrinated.
“Go ‘head, Red…flash ‘em.  Let me get a peek.”
She looked at Mitch and the look in her eyes was clear. Did he pay for his drink?
Mitch nodded as he handed Jo the Mojito and threw up a high sign to Moose, one of the bouncers.  “Yes.”

The patron smiled when Jo leaned in close and he opened his mouth to speak just as she dumped the drink on his head.  “And would you like a punch in the face with your Mojito, asshole?” she said in her sweetest bartending voice.

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