Musings in the Dark: September 2023


Horror 202: Best Years in Horror

So for this year’s Halloween celebration, I will highlight what I consider to be the best years for horror movies. I did some research and found several websites that had their own lists. I compiled their lists and cross-referenced the overlaps, and when I settled on my particular collection, I went and found the best three or four movies for each of the years I chose. I talked this over with Noob, and she was able to point out another way to look at the data I collected. So what I will post here are my overall findings. I will include additional information such as the director, date of release and the film’s overall box office.

It was so much fun to do the research required for this task. Just looking up the years and the movies was so enjoyable. I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for three years and it was nice to find something I could do while the Muse is asleep.  

We will begin with two Honorable Mentions.