Musings in the Dark: Meet the Nightingales: Neveyah Austin-Malone


Meet the Nightingales: Neveyah Austin-Malone

Jana Mashonee as Neveyah Austin-Malone

Neveyah Austin-Malone is a talented musician and gifted dancer who loves taking off her clothes for a living.  She is a tour de force on stage and has the ability to bring men to their knees.  Neveyah’s been fooling around with powers she has no business messing with, and as a result, has opened the door to something she’s unable to handle on her own.


Neveyah, clad in a pink T-shirt, walked towards their front door with Jocasta following behind, muttering. “Whoever she is, she’s going to get shanked if she doesn’t shut the hell up,” Jo said.  “I’ve been looking for a reason to use Mary Jane.”  Mary Jane was Jocasta’s brand-new pearl-handled switchblade, a gift from her father.
“Joseph should have never gotten you that knife,” Neveyah yawned, unlocking the door.  “He’s a cop; he should know better than to give your unstable ass a blade.”
“Don’t hate,” Jo said.  “You want one yourself.”
“True,” Neveyah replied, opening the door.  She used her foot to push Pretzel back.  “Stay, baby.  Stay.  Sit.”
Pretzel looked up at his mommy and whined, but he sat his fat little ass down.  Neveyah and Jo looked outside.  Down the hall, someone was moving in to Six-A.  The owner of the voice was indeed an Asian woman of average height, sporting a black shearling coat with five-inch heels, McQueen from the look.  Said voice was as grating as nails on a chalkboard.
“Break something else, you ignorant little man, and I will have your job!”
“Hey!” Jocasta said.  “Folks are trying to sleep, do you mind shutting up?”
The woman turned and eyed Jo and Neveyah.  She blinked dismissively and turned back towards the movers.  Jo looked at her roommate.  “Did she just dismiss me?”

“I guess you’ll need Mary Jane after all,” Neveyah yawned.  “I’m going back to bed.”

Next up: Cressida

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