Musings in the Dark: March 2016


The Expat Diaries: Near and Far

Since my relocation to the Middle East, I have found myself in a situation where I get to travel far more often.  Within the past three months, I’ve traveled to Bahrain, Cyprus and Italy.  I am fortunate (in a way) that where I currently reside offers no temptations in the form of shopping or entertainment.  But because Saudi is such a harsh, difficult place to live, one must leave as often as possible in order to breathe.

Bahrain is a kingdom just to the east of Saudi and is a quick 55-minute flight away.  It is not nearly as restrictive as Saudi and offers actual things to do for its citizens and visitors.  I go to Bahrain strictly to go to the movies, as I’m a fan of the cinematic experience.  The malls in Bahrain have multiple cinemas and plenty of food options other than the usual concession fair.  The theaters are huge with comfortable seating and are very clean.  Bahrain is my go-to when I need to get out of town quick.