Musings in the Dark: December 2014


Boss Chicks: Special Edition

So yesterday Noob sent me a link to a video of a christmas party in Nashville, TN. The video showed a clip of a group of what had to be at least 200 Delta Sigma Theta sorors strolling to Strafe's "Set It Off."  I'm inspired.

***Update:  The video can now be found on YouTube at

I got every single inch of my life from this vid and I am here to tell you that every last one of those glorious sistahs set that shit clean the fuck off.  The video was originally found on the Facebook page of BJ Baskerville.  I hope you can watch it.  Please try; it's worth it.

The party was held on 12-13-14, and it's nearing one million views on Mr. Baskerville's FB page.  I'm responsible for about 30 of them.  I cannot stop watching these grown and sexy sistahs stroll like it's going out of style.  What I really love is the parade of different ages, hues, sizes and shapes storming the scene and daring anyone to throw even the slightest sliver of shade.  It's absolutely wonderful.  I am inspired.

I'm not Greek; I'm not a member of that tribe. I respect each and every organization and the people who comprise them.  What keeps me watching this video (other than the absolute fabulous flawlessness of 95% of these women killing it in stilettos, mind you) is this:

Imagine being a teenage girl and knowing (superficially) that your mother is a member of a Greek organization.  Imagine your mom being, well...your mom.  Then imagine seeing your mother get out there and slay with her sorors.  My mother wasn't Greek, but nevertheless I found myself in the mental shoes of a 15-year-old girl seeing her Greek mother enjoying herself in the throes of her sisterhood and geeking the hell out. I am so inspired.

Even better, what you see is not only mothers, but also grandmothers, aunties, cousins and big sisters.  I love it.  I love that the line is comprised mostly of sistahs who aren't in their 20s.  I love that the women range from butterscotch to mocha, buzz-cuts to 14-inch Yakki, size 3 to size 24, with various levels of energy but dedicated enough to participate in a rigorous exercise in celebration of their sorority.  God bless them.  I am soooo inspired.

I raise a glass of kumquat honey ice tea to those stylish strolling sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. Happy Holidays and please continue setting it off!