Musings in the Dark: June 2012


Boss Chicks: Zealot

Cyan Fitzgerald is the offspring of Wanda Blake (Al Simmons' widow) and Terry Fitzgerald (Al Simmons' best friend).  Al Simmons is better known as "Spawn."  Cyan got kidnapped and was returned to her parents by Spawn.  Spawn became fond of the girl and started looking out for her.  When Cyan realized who Spawn was, she called him "Sad Man" (out of respect for his sorrow).  Spawn gave Cyan his wedding ring, which let Wanda know that her daughter had a demonic guardian.
Pictured:  Boss Chick

In an alternate future, young Cyan met and was trained by Zealot, a member of Coda.  After her training, she became known as "Zealot" and joined the WildC.A.T.s on a mission to go back in time and kill Spawn before he could have a chance to turn Earth into Hell (some of us would say she's too late *wink*).  Instead of killing Spawn, she aligned with him to battle and defeat his future god-like incarnation.

And let me be the first to say that she looks fantastic while doing so.  Totally feeling the Hannibal Lecter-esque face mask.

Cyan first appears in Spawn #3.

Seen here:  Boss Chick in profile


Boss Chicks: Adept

Jelene Anderson, a.k.a. “Adept” is a peaceful sistah who chooses to undergo a complex process that will change her into a superhuman.  Adept is a fundamentalist Christian, but her decision to go through the elite Morituri process was done to protect her home planet.  Earth, if you were wondering.  The downside is that the process greatly shortens the lives of the participants.  Adept has about a year to live.

During a series of tests to bring forth her ability, Jelene nearly died when she was trapped in a cage and attacked by venomous snakes. Within a few minutes, she manifested the ability to analyze every situation and produce the right measures that could counteract it. She managed to chemically produce the antidote for the snakes' poison and also devised a counteractive mechanism that freed her from the cage.

Adept’s superpower is the ability to quickly and thoroughly analyze any situation and provide a solution to the problem.  This makes her a damned useful shero to have in battle, and even though it takes her some time to come up with a result, the point is that she always does.  This appeals to the nerdy researcher in me.

Adept’s uniqueness lies in her faith.  Never have I heard of any comic book character having faith in God.  For me, this gives her an unusual slant, as she is peaceful by nature, but chooses to evolve in an effort to save Earth.  This eventually costs her her life, and near the end of it, she declares that she was content to go and thankful to God for all the wonderful things she had seen. 

Goin’ out on your own terms, boo.  Goin’ out like a “G.”  Mad props to you, Adept.  You are a total Boss Chick.

You can find Adept’s story is in a volume called Strikeforce: Morituri #1, and goes through #13.  Strikeforce was created by Peter Gillis & Brent Anderson.


Boss Chicks: Miranda Mercury

This Boss Chick has a cool-ass name: Miranda Mercury.  Miranda is an adventurer, a traveler and a heroine.  She's a fighter; she believes in justice and has no patience for intolerance.  She's brave and logical, and doesn't consider herself great or heroic.  She saves a planet at the tender young age of 10, and from then on, engages in remarkable feats of sheroism.  Miranda's accompanied in her adventures by her sidekick Jack Warning, a blond genius who's loyal to the core.

You can find The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury on Amazon.  

Miranda Mercury is unique because she's humble and has a year to live; she's dying of an incurable virus given to her by an enemy.  But it doesn't stop her from rolling up her sleeves and doing what needs to be done.  Which is the essence of a Boss Chick.


Boss Chicks: Lady Spellbinder

This violet-haired diva isn't a shero, but a villain.  I typically root for bad girls as well as bad-ass girls.  Here in the Dark, distinctions between sistah villains and sistah sheroes simply don't matter when exposure is the objective.   Lady Spellbinder, a.k.a. Fay Moffit, was the boo of a dude named Delbert Billings, also known as Spellbinder.  Spellbinder had the chance to become immensely powerful, but he was one of those men who lacked vision.  The power in question was the ability to create genuine, realistic, painful illusions in the minds of victims.  Fay, being a woman of drive, ambition and vision, murdered her man execution-style to obtain said power.  Clearly, he was in her way.

I have no problem with this, not at all.  Sometimes shit must be done to get what one wants and I completely respect the game.  

Anyhoo, Lady Spellbinder went up against Batman & Robin, using her powers to great effect until they figured out her weakness.  But as with any strong black woman, they didn't keep her down for long.  She went on to battle others, including the Birds of Prey.  Word on the street is that she was killed in the Battle of Metropolis, but it could very well be an illusion.  Fay's gifted like that.

"Try again, suckas!!!"