Musings in the Dark: March 2019


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The last chapter of "Interstellar" is ready for consumption.

“It felt good between my thighs,” she said, smiling.

Renzo kissed her lips.  “Let’s see how it feels without, what do you say?”

“I say yes, of course, but not right this moment.  I just want to touch you and kiss you.   I’ve wanted to do that since Monday morning.”

“So it’s not just me,” he said, fondling her breast.  When he saw her on Monday, the only thing he wanted to do was kiss her stupid and, having done that, bend her over his desk.

“No,” she replied.  “I may come to regret saying this, but I got it bad for you, Lorenzo Candreva.  It’s like I’m 19 all over again.”


New Fic Alert!!

This is the third story in my Astronomy series, "Interstellar."  Do enjoy.


“Please,” he said.  “I know you’re still upset, but I’d rather you take your anger out on me and not yourself.  Please don’t drink anymore.”

“It’s just a little junk food,” she whined, reaching for another chip.  “You’re welcome to join me.  It’s not going to hurt.  How do you cope when you’re having a shitty day?”

“I work out,” he said, still caressing her inner thigh.  “Sometimes I have sex.  I don’t binge eat.”

Jupiter leaned her head back and gazed at the ceiling.  “I eat junk food.  I don’t do it every day, Renzo.  Don’t worry; I’m fine.  I’m not going to get drunk, I’m not going to eat this entire pan of brownies, I’m not going to eat that full bag of M&Ms, I’m not going to eat that whole pint of ice cream, and I’m not going to eat that big bag of chips.” 

Had he not shown up, however…


New Fic Alert!

The second story in my Astronomy series, "Interplanetary," is ready for reading.  It's a one-shot.  Do enjoy.

Jupiter nodded.  “You’ve actually been thinking about marriage?”

“On and off, ya know.  I’m not ready yet, not even close.  But that’s a goal.  I want us to have a nice apartment downtown and you can teach science at one of the public schools.  Maybe have a couple of kids a few years after that.”

Jupiter just listened.  Rashaun knew how she felt about her house, but he didn’t know how she felt about children or teaching high school.

“So I got a five-year plan.  Ya know, like the experts say.  At the end of the five years, you’ll be Mrs. Dr. Riley and I’ll be a Senior Associate at Ngenge, Nave & Nguyen, in position to make junior partner.”

“Rashaun, don’t be so rigid, okay?  Life throws curve balls all the time.  What happens if none of those things come to fruition when you expect them to?”

“Jupe, that doctorate is yours in a year.  I know that to be a fact.  That’s happening.  I am on track to be a Senior Associate in three more years.  That’s happening.  We’re going to get married at some point; it’s something we both want, so that’s gonna happen too.”

Jupiter sucked down the last of her milkshake and got sad that there was no more.  She said quietly, “Mama and Daddy were supposed to be in the front row, watching me get hooded.  That didn’t happen.”


Fic Update Alert!

The last chapter of "Intergalactic" is ready for consumption.

"A few minutes of manipulation and he began to stiffen in her palm.  If she wasn’t careful, she could become addicted to this level of response.

The sound of Renzo’s voice made her jump.  “Are you molesting me?”

She giggled into his chest.  “Absolutely.”

“Carry on then,” he said, folding his arms behind his head.

Jupiter grinned at him and carefully repositioned herself so that she had complete access to his body.  She pulled the duvet over her head as she settled between his legs. 

“Oh no,” he said, pulling the duvet off her.  “No.  You don’t get to hide from me, sweet girl.  I want to see everything.”"


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Chapter 5 of "Intergalactic" is ready for reading!

“You scared me,” she said, trying to look in his eyes and not at anything else.

“Sorry,” he said.  He chuckled, watching her struggle not to stare him down.  “Go ahead.  Look as much as you like.  Touch me as much as you like.  I’m doing the same.”

Jupiter’s eyes immediately went low and she smiled.  God, but he had a beautiful body; better than a lot of men half his age. The next step was to find out what he could do with it. She suddenly felt sorry for Madalena. 

Poor thing. I’d be upset too.


Fic Update Alert!

Chapter 4 of "Intergalactic" is ready to read!

The little voice was ready to jump on that.  If you’re going to be this man’s mistress, you will find yourself at this precipice on a regular basis.  I warned your dumb ass.


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Chapter 3 of "Intergalactic" is ready for reading.

“What’s the difference?”

“Power.  If you, now knowing everything, want me in that way, you’d have all of it.”

“How do I know that for sure?”

“You don’t.  You’d have to trust me.”