Musings in the Dark: October 2012


All Hallows' Eve

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It occurs during my favorite season, fall.  My birthday’s about ten days removed, it’s the middle of football season, I’m cooking “real” food, and the air’s got a nice snap to it.  For many, Halloween’s about trick-or-treating, costumes, candy, pranks, haunted houses, parties, cool shit like that.  For me, it’s always been about the candy and costumes, but as I got older, I became fascinated with the origins of the holiday.


Boss Chicks: Michonne

A/N:  This post deals with the TV show, not the comics, as I haven't read them yet.  Soon though...

Danai Gurira as "Michonne."  Also known as Boss Chick.

Michonne, played by actress Danai Gurira, is a badass katana-wielding survivor of the zombie apocalypse.  She made her debut on Season 2's finale of AMC's The Walking Dead by slicing up an attacking zombie and saving the life of Andrea, a woman on the run.  Michonne was wearing a hoodie and her face was hidden in shadow, but those who know the comic the show is based off of recognized her immediately.  Michonne is so superbly awesome that she walks around with two mutilated zombies on a chain.  They’re her pets. 



Coming soon from Middle Child Press...

Devil's Siren by Lady Aislynn Sanchar, the Dark Baroness...

Ravana Davide is a corporate mogul, a woman of significant means, and a newlywed. She's the bride of Nazar, who is a very powerful demon.  As a demon's concubine, Ravana enjoys a flawless new body, incredible sex, an unlimited bank account, and a hedonistic lifestyle. But while on her "honeymoon," Ravana realizes that in spite of the benefits of being Nazar's mate, she's lonely.

Enter Corson.

A roguish, sexy, red-skinned devil, Corson wants nothing more than Ravana herself.  As Corson's rival, Nazar isn't willing to give Ravana up and Corson isn't willing to stay away from her. It's up to Ravana to choose which demon she wants, but the question she must ask herself is... it better to stick with the devil you know?

Rating: Mature audiences, 21+. Explicit sex, language & adult situations.  Available Winter 2012 from

A Middle Child Press book.



Chapter 9 of "The Hunt" is now up on the Shorties blog.  We're almost done with Sheila's experiences in dealing with K'avir's pon farr.


Time...Is On My Side

Three years ago, I decided that I wanted to teach overseas.  I knew it wasn’t something that would happen immediately; plans had to be made.  So I started the preparation for my exit.  It involved graduating, figuring out what to do with my house and job, the application process and things of that nature.  When it became clear that I could indeed do this, I set the summer of 2012 as the time of departure.  I had everything planned; I resigned from my teaching gig, set the date for my final defense, arranged for the care of my house, and packed up the stuff that I wasn’t using.


Fic Update Alert

Update!  Chapters 6 - 8 of "The Hunt" is up on the Shorties blog.  If you'll pardon the pun, the hunt is on!


...And This Shit Right Here!

I don’t deal with politics.  I’m not interested in debating with anyone who should be president and why.  No one can convince me to vote for anybody other than the candidates themselves.  I’m not going to try and convince anyone else.  I show my support by taking my black ass to the polls.  This post isn’t designed to do anything but bring attention to something I find appalling.  I can’t sit back and not speak on this.


The Hunt

For those who are following my story "The Hunt" on the Shorties blog, you will be pleased to know that I finally uploaded Chapter 5.  Head on over and check it out.

Hopefully, it won't take me another seven months to upload Ch. 6.  Here's hoping.