Musings in the Dark: February 2016




I have been a complete 'chaud this past month.  I have not been actively writing because I've been up to my earlobes with work.  I've never had a work schedule this diverse.  I suppose it's a good thing as it boosts the shit out of my resume, but at the same time I do not feel like each subject is getting my full attention.  I suppose it ultimately does not matter, as my presence here isn't going to change a damn thing.

This particular institute is akin to a can of Planter's.  It defies logic, so for someone like me, it can be nightmarish at times trying to apply sense where none is to be had.  I've had to take several steps back and several deep breaths and remind myself that my current location is temporary...for the purpose of gaining specific job skills.  But the day-to-day ranges from pleasant to ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

But I do have news.  The publication of episode 1 in my Nightingales series, cool air, is scheduled for February 10th.  I am currently in the final stages of publication and am looking forward to continuing the Nightingales' supernatural saga.  I've got a kickass new cover designed by my co-conspirators, Ankhesen and JVNX, and the cover to the pilot episode, CRASH!!! has been completely redone.  

I hate that it has taken me a year to get this done, but having to relocate from China to the Middle East put a serious dent in my writing schedule.  And I sigh in despair knowing that another relocation is coming in 18 months.  So I will do my best to get episode 2: Whispers out by the end of this year.

My trip to Italy yielded magnificent creative fruit in regards to my other serial project, The Velimirs. It's amazing how one tiny little thing can lead to something massive.  I seriously hope that my next excursion will unleash the trigger the Muse needs to unleash another book.  My soul needs unleashing.  

There will be another Expat Diaries entry coming soon, and I promise to work harder to isolate and protect my writing time.

Until then...!