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Chapter 13 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading.  Do enjoy.

“You sure you’re okay, Shan?  You looked strange when he brought you back here.  What happened?”

She made a face.  “I’m fine.  I met one of Malcolm’s brothers and he slapped me on the ass.”

Jaya’s mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ and Renee leaned forward, saying, “The fuck?”

“I’m all right,” she said.  “Kaphiri saved me.  He called me a bitch and Kaphiri punched him in the face.”

“Where he at?” Renee said, standing up, fists balled.  “I got his bitch right here in these hands.”


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Chapter 12 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading.  Enjoy!

“This is my armory,” he said.  “I don’t know if Malcolm told you, but I used to be an Army Ranger.  I was in the military for over ten years; I enlisted after I graduated from college.  I’m a collector.”

Shantreyl was staring at a gun that was damn near as long as she was tall.  “What is this?”

“That’s a Barrett M82A1.”

“And this one?”  She pointed to the one beneath it.

“That one is an Armalite AR-50.”

“You like big guns,” she said.

“Not just big ones.  Keep walking.”

She began walking down the length of the room, staring at all of the guns in the cases.  He had big ones, medium-sized ones and small ones.

“Did you like it?  Being in the military?”

“I was very good at what I did and I appreciate everything I learned in the Army.  It’s been a useful skill set.”

She stopped and gazed at a rack of handguns.  He had to have at least ten in this case alone.  “How does being an Army Ranger help you run a casino?”


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Chapter 11 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for consumption.  Sorry for the delay.  I've been super-busy and super-distracted since June.  Hopefully there will be no more interruptions.

“Malcolm told me that you aren’t married, that you don’t date and that you get what you need from the Zodiac’s pleasure house.  You mean to tell me that a man as fine as you are can’t find an appropriate mate?”

“I’m sure I could if I actually tried,” he said. “But I can’t deal with all of the drama that goes along with it. Vetting people to be in one’s life can be exhausting.  I don’t know how Malcolm does it. I don’t have the patience. The first time someone lies to me, I’m out.”

“You’re not even willing to have a fuck buddy?”

“I go to the Zodiac for that.  I can get whatever kind of sex I want from anybody I want, no strings attached.”


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Chapter 10 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading!

“How many women have you dated?”

“Seriously?  Two or three, but it never worked out.  I was too busy trying to grow my business.  Now that everything’s stable, I’m ready for that next step.”

“So you got yourself snipped so that the women you dated wouldn’t trap you with a child?”

“Precisely.  A couple of them tried to, which let me know they were fooling around with other men while they were with me.  They weren’t happy to learn that I had a vasectomy and knew without a doubt that their pregnancy tests were either fake or the result of them fucking other men.”

“Really, Malcolm?”

“Really.  My status as a businessman and hotel/casino owner affords me a particular lifestyle; one that certain types of women want.  I make a whole lot of money and some women see that and start plotting a way to get their hands on my bank accounts, be it fair or foul.”

She looked up at him.  “Wait.  Hold up.  Are you saying that you own the Vermilion?  You don’t just manage it; you own it?”

“Yes, and the Solar Fountain, and some other businesses under the name Sullivan Parker Incorporated.”


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Chapter 9 of "Switchblade Romance" is available for reading.

“Malcolm and I run our business a certain way.  Naren will be out of a job come Tuesday.”

Shantreyl gasped.  “No!  Don’t fire him!”

“He’s unable to do his job.  The management team was given explicit instructions to leave Malcolm alone when you arrived.  This was supposed to be your time and your time only.  Malcolm’s not here because the lead manager is incapable of completing a task.  You’re bothered by it; I can tell from the look in your eyes.  Let me be the first to tell you that Malcolm isn’t pleased when you’re displeased.  I know your relationship is in its infancy, but he doesn’t like it when you’re unhappy or angry.  He prefers for a smile to be on your face when he sees you.  Having laid eyes on you, I can’t fault him for that.”

“But I don’t want that poor man to lose his job.  He sounded nervous.”

“Of course he did.  He demonstrated his inability to handle a situation in front of both of his bosses.  He knows what’s going to happen.”


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Chapter 8 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for consumption.

“We’ll figure something out, baby.  I can hear you getting agitated.  Calm down.  Tell me, what are you doing this Saturday?”

“I haven’t made any plans.”

“I would like to invite you to have dinner with me at the Vermilion.  There are three in-house restaurants: Medallion, Embers and Carnival.  They specialize in different cuisines.  Embers is a Brazilian steakhouse, Medallion is a French restaurant, and Carnival is featuring Italian this week.  Which would you prefer?”

“I’ve never eaten at a Brazilian steakhouse.  I’d like to try that.”


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Chapter 7 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading.  Do enjoy.

"Malcolm shrugged.  “One day, I woke up next to Donna and I just sat in bed, staring at her and at the confines of my bedroom.  Our clothes were all over the floor and I was thinking about everything outside of sex.  Then she woke up, went to the bathroom and I watched her spend about ten minutes in the mirror, fixing her hair and her face before coming back to the bed.  She grabbed my dick, but I couldn’t muster up enough interest to get hard.  All I could think about was how nice it would be to wake up next to a woman who’s not a fashion plate and how cool it would be to have a son or daughter rush into the room and jump in the bed with us.  Donna started talking about something—I don’t know what—and when she didn’t get the response she hoped, she got mad and got out of bed.  I didn’t say anything.  I just watched her put her clothes on as she yelled at me.  I didn’t know what she was screaming about.  I offered to call her an Uber, and she got even madder and stormed out.  I knew then that something in me was different and I wanted a stable relationship with a woman who is real in the ways Donna and her ilk aren’t.”"


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Chapter 6 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading.  Enjoy.

Malcolm nodded.  “So, tell me about your two friends.  They seem like chill people.”

Shantreyl smiled; glad to change the subject.  “They are.  Jaya’s the one who wore the pink and white Adidas suit.  She teaches math and science at Bruce Lee Elementary in Ashwood.  We met thirteen years ago; we were both teachers at Siren Heights Middle School.  Jaya taught sixth grade math and I taught sixth grade science.  We’ve been thick as thieves ever since.  The one in Cross Colours is her wife, Renee.  Renee is a forensic sculptor; she does sculptures of missing people and is an on-call police sketch artist.  She’s in high demand because she’s so damn talented and her work always leads to instant victim identification.”

“Really?” Malcolm said.

“Really.  Jaya and Renee knew each other in high school; reconnected ten years ago and got married eight years ago.  They’re so happy and so in love, and they’re expecting.”

“I imagine they want the same for you,” he said, getting off the highway. 

“They do.  When I told them about the gifts you sent, they were so thrilled.  It was Renee’s idea that we go to the Zodiac that night.  It was Jaya’s idea that I have a one-night stand.  They were so elated when you invited me up to the VIP.”


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Chapter 5 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for reading.

She waved one of her students towards the door.  “Keisha, will you get that?”

Keisha did and smiled when a student aide from the front office wheeled in a cart laden with gifts.

“Miss Troy, these were just delivered for you!” the aide said, a big smile on her face.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” the class chortled in unison.

Shantreyl gasped.  “All of them?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“At the same time?”

“Within a few minutes of each other, I think.”

“Wow,” Shantreyl said, looking at the gifts.  “Okay, just put them on the lectern.  Thank you for bringing them down.”

When the aide left wheeling the cart, one of her students, Brinton, said, “Those from your maaaaan, Miss Troy?” 

“Brinton, that is none of your business and an inappropriate question.”  She knew the boy had a crush on her.


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Chapter 4 of "Switchblade Romance" is ready for consumption.

Malcolm rubbed his temples.  “I have to find out who she is.”

“Are you serious?”

Malcolm looked at his friend.  Kaphiri raised both eyebrows this time.  “You’re serious.”

Kaphiri flashed a rare smile.  “Was the pussy that good, Malcolm?  I’ve never heard you talk like this about any of your other…dalliances.” 

“Trust me, Kap.  It was good.  I want to know who she is.  I want to know more about her.  I need to know.”   Especially after she’d demonstrated her lack of fear when he pretended to be psycho.

"If you say so.  Just expect that it might have just been all about sex for her and maybe she has no interest in getting to know you."