Musings in the Dark



Hey Dilettantes!

Yeah, it's been six months since I last posted. It's been a combination of work busyness, work travel, writer's block and mental distractions. I'm going to be traveling back home to the US in a couple of weeks and it will be nice to be home again. I have no plans to travel anywhere this summer; there's too many things I need to take care of before returning to Senegal in August and I prefer to take care of them stateside.

My writer's block has lasted 3 years. The Muse is not completely asleep; I've been outlining chapters and developing characters and plot details with Noob. Whatever the key is that fits in the ignition and starts the engine...I don't have it yet. I am thankful that I'm using the "down time" wisely; Entropy marks a drastic change in the way I write my novels. I didn't realize it until I started outlining chapters and saw problematic gaps in the timelines and the plot. 

Everything happens for a reason, I guess.

As far as everything else, life is good. I have no complaints. I'm healthy, happy and looking forward to seeing my family. I live a boring, pleasant life and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Until next time!


2022 Year End Wrap Up


I welcome you to 2023 with open arms and a big smile! I expect good things to happen this year. 


Halloween Ends: My $0.02

Halloween is my favorite holiday and my favorite horror movie series. I’ve been a fan of The Shape since I was old enough to understand what it was. I’ve seen all the movies multiple times (even the ones I hate I’ve seen more than once), and I consider Michael Myers bae, but that’s a whole other conversation for another day. 

I’ve seen Halloween Ends three times. Normally, I do a short review of the movie and post it on my Facebook page for my friends. But I wasn’t able to do that because I have so many feelings regarding this movie. I loved 2018, and was okay with Halloween Kills. I knew going in to keep my expectations within a particular range, and even with that caveat, I was sorely disappointed.

Let me say this: Halloween ended. It fucking ENDED. There is no disputing that. Michael can’t come back from THAT. And let me say this: Somebody will reboot the series in five years, and I will be in the theater when that happens. 

Having said all that, spoiler alert.

Horror 201: Content Creators--Chilling Tales For Dark Nights

My dear friend Noob, who is a fellow horror head, passed that love onto her daughter, whom I will call Zip. I was eagerly sharing with her about finding Mortis Media and how much I enjoyed it. Zip countered with Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, and if you’ve read any of the later chapters in “Switchblade Romance,” then you know that I am a card-carrying stan of the channel. With CTfDN, I hit the scary story motherlode. What makes it different from Mortis Media is that they have different narrators. I quickly became a fan of Jason Hill and Otis Jiry. Both channels are awesome, but CTfDN edges out MM due to the various and multiple narrators. Worth checking out, for real.


Horror 201: Content Creators--Mortis Media

One time, I found a Boris Karloff story anthology online one night called Tales of the Frightened. I listened to it every single night as it helped me fall asleep. One night, after about two months of the same old same old, my YT algorithm spit out something called "10 Scary Tales in the Snow," or something to that effect. I clicked on and discovered Mortis Media. Mortis Media has hundreds of scary stories (short and long) that range from A to Z in terms of themes and I was in heaven. The narrator—Mortis I assume his name is—has a very soothing voice and never fails to put me to sleep. Definitely look into Mortis Media out if you’re into scary stories to help you sleep or anything else.


Horror 201: Content Creators--CZsWorld

I don’t even recall when or how I stumbled upon CZsWorld. My man CZ does horror movie character histories and they’re really good. He also has a series called “Things You Missed…” which goes into detail about the little details hidden in horror movies that only real fans of the genre and series can truly appreciate. The horror histories are great from the perspective of a horror movie lover and that of an author. I love the depth that CZ goes into with his character analyses. In addition to other things such as hosting creepypastas and doing “Dead Talks” on his channel, CZ also creates horror short films of his own. He’s a fascinating creator and lover of horror, so he’s alright with me. Check him out.


Horror 201: Content Creators--Cody Leach

I found Cody Leach’s channel around the same time I found Dr. Wolfula. Cody is a horror head and the bulk of his content is horror-focused. He gives thoughtful and complete reviews of his favorite horror films, and he is a stalwart fan of Michael Myers and anything Halloween-related. I’ve only been following Cody for a year, but I really like his content; especially his rankings of all things Halloween and his love for other horror franchises. Check him out if you like detailed movie reviews and cinematic rankings.


Horror 201: Content Creators--Decker Shado

Randomly found Decker’s channel six or seven years ago. Like Off The Shelf Reviews, Decker reviews movies of all genres, but it is his horror reviews that keep me tuning in. He reviews good horror flicks as well as trash horror flicks. Decker calls himself “The Internet Personality With the Best Hair,” and it’s applicable because he has long, curly locks. He’s funny as hell; I’ve found myself cracking up many times watching his channel.

Decker frames his horror series reviews under the title “The Summer Of (insert horror franchise here),” and spends late spring and summer binging and discussing all of the movies in a given franchise. Decker is very entertaining and worth checking out. His “Summer of Halloween” & “Summer of Freddy vs Jason” reviews are laugh out loud hilarious.


Horror 201: Content Creators--Off the Shelf Reviews

I’ve been following these guys for a few years now. Iain and Gary are buddies who like to review movies. For the record, they review movies in most genres, but they are definitely horror lovers and that is evident when they review those movies. Just listen to them talk about John Carpenter's body of work and their extensive review of the Halloween series. It feels like you’re sitting down and chatting with old friends who like the same movies you do. Love Iain and Gary.


Horror 201: Content Creators--WhatCulture Horror

I found WhatCulture not too long after I found WatchMojo. At first, their content was all-inclusive, but as more videos were being made, they had to split the main channel into spin-offs that focused on whatever the category was. Therefore WhatCulture Horror was born. Most of the segments were analyzed by Ash Millman, who quickly became a favorite—and not just for me. She has a cool voice and I find it soothing listening to her speak.

While I appreciate WhatCulture Horror’s content, it does get repetitive. I mean, how many times can you make the same or similar list? Yet they manage to do so, but I still watch because I enjoy the show.