Musings in the Dark: February 2013



Hey Fans of the Dark…

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I’m really busy right now.  A lot is going on, and if I’m going to make my deadline and accomplish my goals, I’ve got to streamline aspects of my life.  So, in keeping with my actions for 2013, I won’t be posting as often.  It is NOT that I don’t have anything to say…it’s just that with all of the other things I have to do; I can’t take the time to organize my manic thoughts into a post.  However, if an opportunity presents itself between thesis revisions and drafting Nightingales  cool air and Blade Dancer, I will definitely poke my crazy-ass manic head up and say Hi.


Mania and the Nightingales

My yearly cycle certainly is maintaining itself.  I’ve been busy in the way that matters most to me: creatively.  Academic business is an aspect of this, as when I can write creatively, I can also write academically.  This is a good thing, as May draws closer, so does graduation.  But I’m not here to talk about school shit, as it’s boring.  Within the past three weeks, I drafted the first Nightingales book, CRASH!!! and am currently drafting the second, cool air.  In doing this, I was inspired to create a blog to supplement the series.  I’m keeping it private for now, and it won’t be ready for consumption until CRASH!!! is published later this year.