Musings in the Dark: Meet the Nightingales: Elysie Blake


Meet the Nightingales: Elysie Blake

Sujata Day as Elysie "Lee-Lee" Blake

A lover of nature and the occult, Lee-Lee is a doctoral student indirectly studying her origins.  She’s friendly, inquisitive, and blessed with unique abilities.  Her gifts allow her to be a conduit for supernatural forces.  Supported by her skinflint father, yet sustained by her understanding mother, Lee-Lee is determined to know who and what she is.


            Lee-Lee came back inside and sat down at the table.  Monica looked at her.  “Your mail’s on the counter.  What kind of plant was that you just brought in?”
            “A bamboo.  Are you all right?”
            Monica checked her email.  “I’m fine.  Mama wants to know if you’d be interested in judging the next Cookie Throwdown.”  She put the textbook on her desk.
            A grin split Lee-Lee’s face, as she remembered Monica and Chris returning to Six-B five months ago with covered containers full of cookies.  Monica nodded her head.  “I’ll take that as a yes.”
            “I would love to be a judge!  That means I can get all the cookies I want, right?”
            “Count me in!”
            “Lee-Lee, you don’t even know when it is. You may have a deadline or something.”
            “And I don’t care!  Those cookies you brought home last time were fantastic!  Whatever’s going on at that time, I’ll schedule around it!”
            “Fine.  By the way, I’m expected to contribute this time.”
            “Lee-Lee, it is not awesome.  I don’t know how to bake, not at that level.  I’ve got some straight-up hardcore pastry chefs in my family.  Uncle Bunny’s cookies are no freaking joke and Jump’s ain’t nothing to sneeze at either.  Mama can put her foot in some cookie dough too.  I’m out of my league.”
            Her roommate was very excited.  “That’s okay!  We can come up with something, I’m sure!  I’ll ask Mati!  I’ll help you!”  Mati was Lee-Lee’s mother.

            Monica shook her head as she looked at Lee-Lee, who was opening her mail with all the enthusiasm of a teenage girl.  “I know Mati has a bunch of cookie recipes.  Who are you going up against?”

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  1. I love Sujata Day!!! I loved her in the Awkward Black Girl series :)


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