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The Nightingales Supplemental...

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Today marks the release of the Nightingales blog.  It is intended as a supplemental resource to the series and a way for readers to keep track of the characters and the story.  As I’ve said before, this was a response to a writing challenge posted by fellow author and co-conspirator Ankhesen MiĆ© on At the Bar, and it wasn’t intended to be anything more than that…until the Muse decided that it would be.

The original challenge was for a TV show with a basic cast and premise.  As a result, the Nightingales series is constructed into a set of 60-page books or “episodes,” with each episode representing one hour of TV time.  I originally thought the tale could be told in a miniseries format of a one-hour pilot and five hour-long episodes…but as I got deeper into my research, I realized that there was no way I could do that and be fair to the readers and the story.  So what I can assure you right now is that the Nightingales will span at least six books.  This isn’t the kind of story that I think would work well in novel format.  Writing it as a series of short stories (short for me, anyway) keeps the narrative streamlined and the plot moving. 

Do I know where and how this story will end?  Yes.  Do I know how I’m going to get there?  Not exactly, but I trust the Muse.

On the Nightingales blog, readers will find full biographies of the main cast, as well as additional information regarding the people in their lives and background work on specific locales featured in the episodes. As the story progresses and new characters and locations are added to the cast and setting, they will be featured.

I humbly encourage readers and fans to follow the blog and share insights, questions, reviews, and polite comments.* I welcome feedback, suggestions and ideas.  As my partner-in-crime said, "...this particular kind of storytelling is interactive [commentary] on one chapter influences the next."  This is turning out to be an enormous labor of love and a new direction for me as an author, and I would enjoy it if my fans and readers want to come along for the ride.

Having said all that, feel free to click here and take this journey with me.

*Anonymous and disrespectful comments will not be accepted.  

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