Musings in the Dark: Meet the Nightingales: Cressida Brinton


Meet the Nightingales: Cressida Brinton

Michelle Krusiec as Cressida Brinton
This is a woman who knows exactly what she wants and will do whatever she feels is required to obtain it.  She is classy, cold, and calculating, with a slew of wealthy men at her beck and call.  But an unforeseen encounter puts her in the crosshairs of the unfamiliar…actually needing someone.


Just then the woman came back out as the moving men brought in the last of her furniture.  She no longer had her coat or bag and Monica had to nod approvingly at her outfit.  The woman looked at the other ladies.  “I see that you are still here.”
“We live here, bitch,” Jo said.  “You best be glad that Neveyah’s between us, or I would have a size 9 all up in your swanky ass.”
The woman smirked.  “Amusing.  I guess that makes us neighbors.” 
Monica cradled her mug.  “She was planning on throwing an ass-kicking your way.  I’m certain that’s not the welcome you wanted.”
The lady looked at Monica and a small sigh escaped her, as if she couldn’t be bothered.  “Is that supposed to scare me?  Try again.”
Monica raised her eyebrows, reading the woman’s expression.  “All righty then.”  She backed away, drinking her coffee.  Then she started humming the tune for “Have A Little Talk with Jesus.”
Lee-Lee walked up to the lady and extended her hand.  “In that case, let me introduce myself.  My name is Elysie Blake, but everybody calls me Lee-Lee.”  She pointed to Monica.  “That’s Monica, my roommate.  We live in 6B.  Those two are Jocasta and Neveyah.  They live in 6C.”
The lady didn’t extend her hand and Lee-Lee stared at her.  “Your name is…?”
She smoothed her hair and glanced at the movers, who were finishing up.  Her ring caught the light and the stone sparkled like a diamond.  “I suppose I could offer my name.” 
“It’d be nice,” Monica said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice and failing.  “We do live on the same floor.”
The woman sighed again but didn’t extend her hand.  Instead she smoothed her hair again.  “My name is Cressida J. Brinton.  But it is not a pleasure, as I have a broken mirror and a damaged end table to deal with.  These are by far the most incompetent moving men I have ever dealt with.”
“Jeez,” Lee-Lee said.  “You should complain.”

“I plan to.  Now if it is all the same to you,” Cressida said, side-eyeing Jocasta, “I have business to attend to.”

Next up:  Lee-Lee

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