Musings in the Dark: June 2021


We're Evolving!!!

Hey Dilettantes!!  Sorry I've been on radio silence, but it's that time of year.  I'll be getting back to my regular posting schedule in a week or so, but I wanted to share some exciting MCP news!  Alliyah and I are evolving as content creators and publishers, and we've found a new venue to share our work with our fans.  Check us out on Ko-Fi.  We've found a way to return to our blogging roots while producing quality content for our subscribers.  

The benefits of using Ko-Fi as our publishing platform are two-fold: it allows us to circumvent the tedious (and expensive) requirements for producing e-books, and it reduces the amount of time it takes for us to get our work out to our fans and subscribers.  Alliyah's excellent poetry collection Violet Dusk has already been published on Ko-Fi, and she is currently in the process of producing her Selo & Inya series.  

I have uploaded the first two parts of Nightingales: CRASH!!! and plan to publish part three sometime next week. Knowing that there is a new publishing platform available motivates me to start work on the third episode of Nightingales.

Alliyah and I are very excited about this new venture and we hope that you guys will continue to support us.  Come on over to Ko-Fi and check us out!