Musings in the Dark: September 2015


Review: Sirens

I picked up the first four issues of this sci-fi series, written and illustrated by George Perez. The reason, of course, is Sherita. While browsing in Oxford Comics, the below image caught my eye and I was immediately stoked to see this beautiful sistah front and center in a sci-fi comic book.  Without hesitation, I snatched up all the available issues and asked about the ETA of the remaining two issues.  Of course, I was not able to procure them prior to my departure...and you'll soon learn why I'm not pressed about it either.


The Expat Diaries, Volume II: Riyadh

Well, as mentioned in the last update, I arrived in Riyadh a month ago to start the next phase in my expat adventures.  Of course a lot has happened, but let me see if I can summarize it in a series of points.

1.  A large percentage of Saudi men are fucking fine as hell.  I mean, gyatdamb!!!  Hotties to the left, hotties to the right, hotties up above and hotties down below.  The hotness quotient is as high as the temperature, praise da lort!  We’re not supposed to stare, but I wear my sunglasses all the time so I can eye-fuck at will.  I can’t help it.  I’m a healthy hetero woman and the eye-candy is real in these dry, dusty-ass streets. 



I've been in Riyadh for three full weeks now and finally have some basic needs met.  I'll be covering details in an upcoming Expat Diaries blog post, but I just wanted to poke my head up from what feels like the ninth layer of Hell and say I'm here and I'm in one piece.

It's hotter than the devil's asshole over here.  The other day, we were busting the hell out of 140 degrees, hand to Jesus.  It was so hot that Satan was camped out next to my AC, chugging Dasani.  I mean, I know I'm in the desert and it'll take some adjusting, but sweet gawd...this is the absolute worst.

Settling in has had its ups and downs.  The rules for single ladies over here...they're freakin' crazy.  I mean, there were some things I was fully aware of (and fine with), but then you get here and learn other shit that doesn't make any freaking sense.

I gotta say tho...the ratio of hotties per city block is astounding. There are so many fine ass men over here.  That we are not allowed to mingle with them--much less date--is migraine-inducing.

Details to come soon, I promise.