Musings in the Dark: April 2020


My Favorite Things: Matt Stonie

I was a hard-core fan of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel back in the day.  Recently, I found old episodes on YouTube and proceeded to get my life all over again watching Adam and Casey complete (or not) impossible food challenges.  I like reading the comments and one thing I kept seeing referenced over and over and over again was something like, “Matt Stonie could do this in five minutes.”  After a while I got tired of reading those comments and one Saturday, I found myself on his YouTube channel.  He’s a competitive eater and cute. as. hell.
Let me say right now that the food challenges Adam and Casey participated in absolutely cannot compare to the amount of food Matt Stonie can consume.  Matt probably weighs 120 pounds soaking wet and he can eat up to about 20% of his body weight.  I spent a whole weekend watching every video he had and I still marvel at how he is able to do that and be as skinny as he is.  It ain’t right.  Shit, if I walk past my fridge I gain 10 pounds.  He is a freak of nature, simply put.  Go check him out here.

Favorite food challenges:  Epic Root Beer Float, 7 Shamrock Shakes, Jollibee Five Buckets of Fried Chicken, Giant Bowls of Cereal, and Big Smoke’s Order.


My Favorite Things: How to Cake It

One day, I fell down the YT rabbit hole and ended up on a channel called “How to Cake It.”  I then spent the next three or four hours watching cake virtuoso Yolanda Gampp create art out of cake.  There’s not too much more I can say; you have to see it for yourself.  The woman is an absolute wunderkind.  Mrs. Gampp has a warm and vibrant personality and she’s a joy to watch. 

My favorite vids are: Bread Cakes, the Ladybug Cake, the Butterfinger Donut Cakes, and the Corn Cake.

Don’t waste any more time reading what I have to say, go here and get your cake decorating life.


My Favorite Things: Cosmo Queens

So I’m one month into quarantine and all is fairly well.  I’m still working from home, but honestly…it’s an adjustment.  Some days I’m not motivated at all, but it can’t be helped.  I’m grateful to still be able to work and earn money, but I digress.  In my down time, I’ve found new things to entertain myself and I wanted to share them.  Note: These things are NEW to ME.

Alliyah hipped me to Cosmo Queens.  These are videos that show drag queens transform themselves into their alter egos through the power of makeup.  I hardly wear makeup at any given time and am liable to poke myself in the eye with a mascara wand.  So, watching these talented individuals literally become queens is awesome.  I quickly became addicted.

My favorite videos are of Vanessa Mateo, Jaida Essence Hall, Vander Von Odd, Miz Cracker, Akeria Chanel Davenport, and Mercedes Iman Diamond.  Honestly, all of the videos are amazing, and I have watched them all multiple times.  I really appreciate and respect the artistry and skill.