Musings in the Dark: September 2013


Fic Update Alert: Who's Lovin' You?

"You plan your life out by degrees, adjusting when change forces you to, but you never expect a cataclysm to occur when you’re close to calling it a career.  That’s what she was: a cyclone, a typhoon, a hurricane, a tsunami…a 10 on the Richter scale, my own personal Atlantis.  Brielle came into my life and within days, I couldn’t imagine how I’d managed to even breathe without her.  It wasn’t physical; it wasn’t even remotely that.  There were others who wanted her, men of appropriate means and station who made plays for her, who were very overt in their romantic overtures, and she was inert to all of it.  I watched her shoot them down repeatedly and I wondered if she even realized she was breaking so many hearts."

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New Fic Alert: Who's Lovin' You?

Man, don’t even ask where this came from.

"She said to me, “It’s going to get old.  It’ll become tiresome.”  And I thought she meant that he would get tired of me, of us, and of the constant runaround to keep our affair hidden from the one person who knew about it from the beginning.  But then she said, “Not him.  You.  You’re going to get tired of giving your heart and body to a man who can’t return the favor.  He’s not going to leave me and you’re not going to put up with that for long.  He won’t want to let you go, but you won’t be able to keep it up.  He’s not going to leave me; I’m the mother of his children and we have grandbabies.  I love him and I owe him, so I will wait you out.”"

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Whew! and Why???

It’s been a rough few weeks.  School’s been in a month and the grind over here is 180 degrees different from the grind I was used to in the States.  Now I’m in an ideal situation, so I’m not about to complain about any of the “troubles” I’m encountering.  What’s had to change is the way I deal with said issues, because discipline is simply not a problem here.  It isn’t.  The school can well afford to be elitist, but with the good comes the crazy.  For me, crazy is the complete lack of junk food to be found inside this institution.  There are no snack machines, no soda machines, no teacher’s lounge with goodies hidden inside, and not even a whiff of a school store that sells candy bars.  The lunches served consist of real food, good food, in proper portion sizes served on real plates with silverware.  Students drink water, tea, fresh fruit juices or Gatorade.  That’s it.

(Not to mention the sheer size of the campus, which forces me to exercise)

(I should also mention that there ain’t a hottie in the joint.  So depressing for soooooooooooooooooooo many reasons)

(There’s also the fact that everybody in the school is freaking married to each other [but don’t have same last names], and with the whole, “We’re all family” theme going on, I can’t help but insert a creepy incestuous subtext here)