Musings in the Dark: February 2019


Fic Update Alert!

Chapter 2 of "Intergalactic" is up and ready to read.

“I have two because my parents didn’t like sharing.  This one was my father’s.” She removed the tarp to reveal a large Orion 10019 NightQuest.  And this one,”she walked past him to the other telescope and pulled off the tarp, “was my mother’s.  It’s a Celestron Nexstar.  These and the name Jupiter are what you get when your parents are science teachers and amateur astronomers named Venus and Mars.  Good thing they didn’t name me Earth.”


New Fic Alert!

I guess all the music I've been listening to actually took (some) root.  I'm working on a new shortie (thank God; I thought the Muse had died), and it's called Intergalactic.  

Jupiter’s mind went in the only direction it could.  “Are you…retiring???”  If he was, she was going to have to get a new major professor, and the only one who would suffice was Dr. Hu…and she didn’t really want Dr. Hu as her advisor.  Dr. Smith was an asshole, and Jupiter had no interest in working closely with the physics professors in the department, but if she had to pick someone, it would be Dr. Yamamoto.

I'm not sure where this story's going to lead, but I don't care.  I'm so relieved to be writing again.  I hope the Muse is here to stay a while.


All Hail The Queen

I know I said I was going to get back to writing weekly but I simply haven’t been able to.  Work has been unbelievable; all kinds of crazy shit has happened in the past six weeks.  But anyway…here I am; my first real post of 2019…first real post in what…a year?  And what’s it about?