Musings in the Dark: Feenin' (3/?)


Feenin' (3/?)

Commander Trisha Baker stood up, massaging her arm from the hypo.  “I’m good to go, right, Sheila?”

“Of course.  I don’t mess around with the birth control injections, Trish.  Not after what happened last time.”

Trisha stared at her friend.  Whenever she was on duty, Sheila wore her hair secured becomingly against her head.  Today was no different.  She was used to seeing the bruises on her arms, especially when she wore her uniform dress without the jacket or lab coat.  Sheila told her they were a badge of honor; something she was proud of.  They were not like the bruises she suffered at the hands of Lenny; those she hid from the world until she couldn’t take it anymore.  K’avir’s fierce training ensured that she would never take anything else off another man, even if it was him.

“That damned man of yours is good for giving you hickeys, Sheila.  I mean, can he not advertise?  People aren’t stupid, you know.  There’s no way that they’ll think that bruise on your shoulder is from your combat training.”

“That would be because they’re not getting Vulcan combat instruction, Trish.  You know as well as I do that K’avir can have you on that mat in any position in under two seconds, even if it’s on your head.”  Sheila didn’t know if K’avir was her man and it had been gnawing at her for the past three days.  She kept herself busy, pulling double shifts and bridge education to avoid her lessons with him.  She was fortunate because he was busy himself with security matters and the captain required his presence at times.  But she knew she wouldn’t avoid him for long; for K’avir was very serious about Sheila’s training, especially now that they were sleeping together.

“I know he’s had you on that mat in any position in under two seconds, you horny bitch.  Combat training my ass.”  Trisha laughed.  She was happy for Sheila.  The only people who knew the ship’s physician was sleeping with the captain’s security chief were herself, Marlena, and the captain’s wife.  Trisha wasn’t sure if the captain himself was aware of it.

Sheila rolled her eyes.  “He’s too logical to do anything other than train me in the gym, Trisha,” she said, averting her eyes to her PADD.  At least he had been before three nights ago.  “We typically hook up in my room.”

Trisha stretched.  “Well, let me get back to Engineering.  I’m still running those efficiency tests and training new personnel.  Which reminds me, one of them will be stopping in sometime today for his physical.  He’s an absolute babe, by the way.”

“Trisha, I don’t care how he looks, but all right.”

“I’m just saying,” Trisha laughed as she left sickbay.

Sheila busied herself with checking equipment and reviewing files.  She tried not to think about K’avir and if she kept busy, she wouldn’t.  She hadn’t seen him in three days and she knew she would at some point.  Whether he would come to her room remained to be seen.  Typically, she met him in the gym after her shift and he was always ready for her, no matter when it was.  She was horny but she could not allow her lust to control her at this time.  Sheila really wanted to know where she stood with K’avir before they moved forward in this thing.

“Dr. Stephens?”

Sheila turned.  Standing before her was a handsome, six-foot-two inch man with dark, dark eyes and a killer smile.  She blinked.  “Yes?”

“Hello,” he said.  “I’m Julian Matthews.  I’m the new nuclear engineer and antimatter physicist.”

“Oh,” Sheila said.  “I’m Sheila Stephens.  You’re the one who’s replacing Trisha’s former capacity?”

“Yes.”  Julian eyed her, smiling.  Sheila blinked again, taking it in.  “The captain hired me to replace her when she got promoted.”

Sheila smiled again and extended her hand.  “Well, you’re here for your initial physical exam.”

Julian took it and shook, tilting his head.  “Are you going to give it?”

She eyed him.  He was really, really handsome.  Not like K’avir, but fine in a different way.  And she knew immediately that he was flirting with her.  It felt good.  “Unless there’s a problem?”

“No,” he said, holding on to her hand a moment longer than usual.  “No problem at all.”


Sheila decided to go to her lesson tonight.  She was stiff and wanted the chance to loosen up with a workout, and it would help to take her mind off everything.  That was, it would if she could focus on her movement and not her Vulcan lover.  She wondered if he would be there waiting for her.  She’d missed three days of lessons, and she knew him enough to know he would not be pleased, but she could always say she was busy with work and it wouldn’t be a total lie.

He was there, holding a staff and a sword.  She could not tell by his expression if he was pleased or not.  Sheila pulled her tank and knotted it in the back, keeping it snug under her breasts.  She adjusted her shorts and stretched.  K’avir watched her, eyes moving slowly over her long legs and firm ass.  She was toned from her training, curvy and lithe, an agreeable mix of muscles and soft skin.  He found it satisfying whenever she had her legs around him.  There were bruises on the backs of her thighs and arms and he took a deep breath.  She would have fresh ones tonight.

Sheila stood up and took a moment to check her hair and for the briefest of seconds, K’avir wished she would let it hang loose and wild over her shoulders.  He thought it was indicative of her strength and spirit; that it mirrored her fiery heart.  When they were together, she always wore it down and he never had to ask her to do it.

He wanted her fiercely.   He had not been with her in three days and he wanted her.

She turned to look at him and took a gulp of water.

“You have missed three lessons, Dr. Stephens.”

“And a hello to you too, K’avir.”

“I do not want you to be unprepared,” he said.

“K’avir, I can use a variety of knives, a staff, my hands and feet, blunt objects, a lirpa, an ahn-woon, a phaser and a baseball bat.  I know a variety of fighting techniques.  I think I’ll be fine.”’

He stared at her and held out the sword and the staff.  “Choose.”

Sheila stared at him.  She was very good with the staff now, but he had never taught her to use a sword.  She knew he would want her to pick it so that he could start.   She had to admit, he was stubborn about her training.  Sheila picked the staff, giving him a smug look and took her position.  K’avir put the sword away and when he stepped in front of her, he had nothing in his hands.

“So you’re weaponless tonight?”

“I wanted you to choose the sword,” he said.  “You should become proficient in its use.”

Sheila merely shrugged and spun the staff.  “I’m ready.”

“Hit me,” he said.

She sighed, but started to circle him.  She didn’t speak, merely took her time examining his stance, figuring out the best way to attack.  Quickly, she stepped back and twirled the staff above her head and then swung it like a baseball bat.  He caught it in mid-swing and yanked the staff out of her hands.  It pulled so fast that it left friction burns on her palms.

“Ow,” she hissed.  “That hurt, you dickhead!”

If K’avir could have smiled, he would have.  Three days without such a spark was unpleasant indeed.  “You will have to do better than that, Dr. Stephens,” he said, his voice warm and creamy.  “I wanted you to select the sword.”

“Give me the staff, K’avir.  You let me choose and that’s what I chose!”

He picked it up.  “Come and get it.”

Sheila closed her eyes and balled her fists.  So he wanted her to challenge him like she used to.  He must be horny.  It was logical that he would be; they hadn’t had sex in almost four days, ever since that night in the gym.  He wanted her to hit him, to fight him; it made him hot and when he was like that

Sheila swallowed.  She needed to keep a clear head.  This was no time to be thinking about fucking him, not when she needed to know what kind of relationship they were going to have.  But she had to wonder if she could stop screwing him even if she was romantically attracted to another man.  A man like Julian, for instance.  He had openly flirted with her all during his physical, and Sheila was amused to find that she liked it.  He was a handsome man, well-built and funny, and he had asked her if she was dating anyone.  Sex with K’avir could hardly be called dating, so Sheila didn’t feel that her negative was a lie, but that was something she had to consider.  She wasn’t the kind of woman who would fool around with two men at the same time, but she would not ignore her needs.  Not anymore.  Although she was trying to disregard some basic ones at this very moment.  Sometimes he could get her wet just by talking, the sexy bastard.

“Are you coming, Doctor?  Or are you fatigued?  You should not be, for you have missed three lessons.”

Sheila turned her head.  Was he actually talking trash?  Was that big, fine ass Vulcan talking shit?  This was something new.  Was he irritated with her for the other night?

“You’re feisty,” she said, moving into a squat.  “Are you horny, K’avir?  Is that why you want me to come at you?  You want me to hit you and knock you down because you haven’t had any and you want some?  You should be, for it’s been three days and I know you like my stuff.”

He moved into a squat and stared at her.  “I do like it,” he said.  “I want it.”

Sheila got hot but kept her cool.  “But is that all you want from me?”

He said, “If you want your staff back, you are going to have to come and get it.  You are wasting time talking, Doctor.  Your opponent would have you flat on your back now.”

“Is that what you want?” she said?  “You want me flat on my back?  You want to fuck me?  Well, not tonight,” she said, though it hurt her to say it.  Three days was a long time without him inside of her.  She had quickly become addicted.

K’avir paused and raised an eyebrow.  Was she serious?  He knew she was horny.  He could smell it.

Sheila launched herself at him, putting every ounce of her 160-ish pounds into it.  She knocked him down and cackled, rolling out of the way of his arms.   But he was quick.  He was on his knees and crawling towards her by the time she finished rolling.  She knew the look in his eyes.  He wanted to fuck her, and from the intensity of his gaze, he wanted to fuck her badly.  Sheila started scooting backwards while trying to get to her feet.  They hadn’t even been in the lesson ten minutes and K’avir was usually very disciplined when it came to her training.  That he had abandoned all sense of propriety and was crawling towards her with every intention of getting into her pants spoke volumes about his desire.

“Sheila, do not run from me,” he said as she got to her feet and backed away from him. 

She steadied herself and smoothed her clothes.  In seconds, he was before her, pressing her against the wall mat, trapping her.  She stared at him, remembering the other night.  He pressed his forehead and his body against hers, kissing the tip of her nose.  Sheila closed her eyes.  He was so hard.  If he kissed her, it would be all over with.  Her resolve would crumble and she would let him.  She wanted to let him.

“K’avir,” she murmured, torn.

“Do not deny me,” he said.  He leaned to kiss her lips, but she put her fingers to his mouth.  He merely began kissing her fingertips and moving in such a way as to drag his erection across her stomach.  “Let me have you, Sheila.  I want you.  I do not like it when you keep yourself from me.”

She spared a brief thought.  ‘How in the hell can I resist him when he is like this?  He’s never like this…  

She closed her eyes.  His lips were warm and soft and…and…she couldn’t allow herself to think about where he could put them.

 ‘That’s all he wants anyway and I’m a fool if I let him have it.’

“Sheila,” he moaned, moving her fingers.  “Sheila, I must have you…”

She looked up at him and firmly planted her fingers against his mouth.  “No, K’avir.  I can’t.  I can’t keep doing this.  I need something from you and you don’t seem to understand that.  Please.”

“I will give you what you need, Sheila.  I will please you.  Do not inhibit what is happening between us.  It is illogical.”

“It’s not just sex I need, K’avir.  I need more than that now.  I’m sorry.”

Tenderly, she pushed him back and ducked underneath his arm.  Sheila moved away from him and ran back to her quarters as quick as she could before she changed her mind.

more to come...

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  1. Wow wow wow! There are only two authors that I love from the fanfiction realm that manages to create amazing erotic original fiction and you're one of thm. I can't wait to read the novel.


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