Musings in the Dark: Combat (2)


Combat (2)

2.  Staff

She stood before him, in a pair of knit shorts and a tank top that was knotted in the back.  Her hair was secured in a topknot and she had a bandage around her right hand.  K’avir would not admit that his cheek still stung a little from her punch last night, but there was no mistaking the bruise.  Several of his security team wondered about it, but no one dared ask.

That she had actually knocked him to the mat stimulated him like nothing before.

He was objective in his observations.  The lady doctor was a curvy five feet ten inches tall and he knew from picking her up that she weighed about 165 pounds and it was evenly distributed.  Her legs were very long and shapely and his hands could nearly span her waist.  She had bright, sparkling eyes and a fierce heart.  K’avir knew that the former chief medical officer used to beat her, but at some point she started fighting back.  She was eager to learn everything he could teach her, wasn’t afraid to take a hit, and definitely wasn’t afraid to give one.  She loved to fight.  Their sessions were usually no more than forty-five minutes, but sometimes went an hour because she wouldn’t give up.

Sheila never backed down and K’avir was attracted to a woman who wasn’t afraid to fight back.  It was a holdover from his Vulcan ancestry, but it wasn’t something he broadcasted.  Dr. Stephens motivated him on a primal level, but he would not betray his position or his discipline.  He wasn’t normally affected by women, as this starship was rife with ladies of all shapes, colors and sizes, but this one, the lady doctor…she had his undivided attention.

Sheila held her staff in her left hand.  K’avir eyed her right hand.  “I trust you will not let that little scratch interfere with our lesson tonight.”

She rolled her eyes.  “I’m going to do my best to knock your head off, K’avir.”

The comment amused him.  “You may try, of course, Doctor.  But I will do  my  best to keep you from doing so.”

“All right then,” she said.  She held her staff with both hands at an angle and he came at her.  She blocked.  He swung.  She blocked.  She swung.  He blocked.

“Tedious,” she snarled.  “Very tedious.”

And then K’avir swung down, got blocked, swung up, got blocked, and then kicked her feet out from under her.  Sheila landed on her back and he put the tip of his staff at her throat.

“I could take your head off right now,” he said.

Sheila glared at him, fire in her eyes.  “Then do it, you son of a bitch!”

He was amused.  “Not tonight.  Get up.”  He moved away and she bounced to her feet and picked up her staff. 

For the next twenty minutes, they parried and thrust, swung and blocked.  Three times K’avir knocked her to the mat.  When Sheila got up, she was so mad she was shaking.  She went over to take a long drink of water and wipe her sweaty forehead.

K’avir stared at her, taking in her long, curvy body and round ass.  Her legs were amazing.  She had bruises on her arms and legs from their intense sessions.  She never tried to hide them, not like she had when she was getting abused by her last lover.  K’avir did not like that, but he was in no position to do anything about it.  He never wanted Sheila to be in a situation like that again; he wanted her to be able to defend herself from any opponent.  Before he knew it, she was running at him with her staff, determined to shove it into his chest.  Effortlessly, he yanked it out of her hands and spun her into the wall mat.  Quicker than quick, he was over her, pressing her into it.

Sheila closed her eyes, at once in a rage and horny as hell from the feel of his hot body pressing hers against the wall.  He had her trapped and she trembled all over.  She closed her eyes and tried to move her head, but it was against his chest and he was a brick wall.

“Unacceptable, Doctor.  You are letting your emotions dictate your moves and you see where it has gotten you.  I am disappointed.”

Sheila pressed her forehead into the wall, wishing he would read her mind and fuck her right then and there.  She could take it, and it wouldn’t take much; her shorts were short enough…

“Come, let’s try again,” he murmured into her ear.

“I can’t,” she started to say, feeling herself get wet at the sound of his voice and the feel of him.

“I will not let you leave here until you finish what you have started.”

“K’avir, please…”

He moved away and picked up their staffs.  Sheila turned around, storing the memory of him trapping her against the wall for later.  He handed her the staff and she glared at him and started turning it.  Damn it, she was going to hit him as many times as she could and then run to her quarters and masturbate.

He matched her move.  She swung and hit his thigh, and then holding the staff like a sword, turned and almost hit his arm.  He blocked and knocked her to the mat again.  Sheila closed her eyes and bit back a yell of frustration.

He stood over her.  “Perhaps we should end tonight’s lesson earlier than usual, Doctor.  You appear to be distracted.”

“To hell with you!” she snarled.  She got up and ran out of the room, near tears.

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