Musings in the Dark: Feenin' (2/?)


Feenin' (2/?)

Sheila found herself with her forehead against the matted wall, hands spread against it as if assuming the position.  She was, though, and it was a position she was fond of.  They fucked like this before in his sparse quarters and she liked it because she felt K’avir everywhere; he filled her completely and the sensation of it was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.  It was as if he had his hands in multiple places at once, doing all the things she wanted him to do, all the things that made her crazy, that made her want him initially.
“Sheila,” she heard him murmur against her neck.  “Sheila…”  A hand was under her tank, another inside her shorts and she could feel him, her hot, hard brick wall, pushing her into the mat.  He had large hands, man’s hands, but he knew how to touch her clit just right, how to hit it in such a way that she could melt into a pool of come.  It didn’t take K’avir long to figure out how to play Sheila’s body or fine-tune it in such a way that he could bring her to climax within minutes.  She was equally adept at drawing unfamiliar sounds from his throat.  Sometimes their unions were little more than feral ruttings.
“K’avir,” she moaned, moving her hands to cover his.  If nothing else, they were extremely sexually compatible and Sheila had to have her bed reinforced to take his weight.  She never told Imperial Maintenance why she needed a bigger bed with reinforcements.  But they weren’t always restricted to the bed, because her big Vulcan didn’t mind fucking her anywhere in her room or in his.  This was the first time they’d had sex anywhere else, and the mere fact that it was in the room in which they fought made it highly erotic.  Her nipples ached for his mouth but she was hot now and she didn’t think she’d last long enough for him to make it there.  He was moving his finger tenderly over her opening and she was already leaking. 
“Sheila,” he breathed, and she felt him sucking the back of her neck.  He was a hard sucker; he told her up front and she enjoyed it, and he had a tendency to leave hickeys.  She didn’t care and didn’t hide them, even though she knew folks wondered what kind of combat move he demonstrated to make her bruise in those places.  K’avir liked seeing her contusions; he made no secret of that.
K’avir moved his hand from her breast and she felt her shorts and panties get pulled to one side.  Oh, he was going to take her like this, just like this …Sheila sucked on her lower lip and groaned.  They were actually getting ready to fuck in the gym.  She was crazy wet and the anticipation of his entrance was a like stream of fire flowing through her veins.
“Stand on your toes,” he whispered.  She did so and when he slid inside her, she felt complete.  She liked the fact that he was big everywhere, and being the woman she was, could appreciate it.  He lifted one of her legs, braced against the wall and began his rhythmic slow thrusts.  He always started slow to give her a chance to adjust to the position and his size.  She leaned her head back and he pressed his cheek against hers, kissing her throat.  There was no denying that this man could fuck.  Vaguely she wondered where he’d gotten his skills, as the rumor was that he was celibate.  Or he had been until he came to her quarters that fateful night.
What Sheila really loved was his tendency to pull nearly all the way out and push back in hard enough to make her grunt; he was so smooth and deep with his strokes that it always made her squish.  She could hear it and it was so hot.  She was a dripping, soaked mass of skin and nerves.  Her lust for her Vulcan knew no limits and she began to moan his name with each thrust.  It was so good… so good …and he hadn’t even touched her breasts.  She made it so easy for him, but she couldn’t help herself.  Sheila liked having sex with him, and after four years of not getting the type of sex she liked, she didn’t try to help herself.  K’avir was more than accommodating to her physical needs.
“Sheila,” he moaned, moving faster.  He bent her at a slight angle and once again she rested her forehead and palms against the wall.  K’avir dropped her leg and held her waist, moving a little faster.  His breathing was in tandem with his strokes and his pulse throbbed in his ears.  She had the ability to make his heart race and it was stimulating indeed after years of chosen celibacy.  K’avir was pleased that he had been able to form a connection with a woman like Sheila before his Pon Farr began, as he knew that there was probably no other woman on board the ship who would be able to handle him during that time.  Sheila not only could handle it, she could take all of him.  He did not deny the pleasure of having a woman like that.  It was a rarity indeed.
“K’avir, damn it…damn it, I’m gonna come…”  What did it take, five minutes?  She was far too easy, but it was so good, even better than when they first started carrying on.  She knew he desired her.  She knew that.  She could feel it every time he filled her.  K’avir couldn’t fuck her the way he did if he didn’t want her, but was that all he wanted from her?  When he touched her, she was never sure and she needed to know so she could make some decisions.
“Sheila,” he murmured.  He buried his face in her throat and covered her hands with his, moving faster, breathing harder and sucking once again.  His desire to mark her was a way to assure himself of certain things, things he could not express, voice or even acknowledge, and her question threw him because he felt it was obvious.  When she came, it was like it usually was; hard, explosive and deep.  She had a tendency to milk his lok when she clamped down on it and it usually drew him into his own climax.  Sheila knew how to make him come hard; there was something about his lady doctor and he didn’t know what it was, but he felt that it was obvious.
“Sheila,” he said again.  She was shivering minutely, coming down from her high.  He pulled out of her and straightened her clothes and then pressed her against the wall, nibbling on her neck.  She was very amenable of his primal tendencies and she responded in kind.  Sheila had a warrior’s heart; she was a tough, wild beauty, a survivor, a woman he would die to protect if he needed to.  He knew that, for it was obvious.  He didn’t know why she didn’t know it.
K’avir’s hands were on her breasts again, gently squeezing.  Sheila sighed, removing her hands from the wall.  That was spontaneous and excellent, but then again, their sex always was.  She was making up for what she lost with Lenny in spades.  There was a long moment; a moment of silence, of breathing coming back to even, of heart rates slowing to normal, but his hands went to her hips and she was still trapped between him and the wall.  It was comforting.  She felt secure.
Sheila blinked to clear her mind.  “K’avir?”
“Yes,” he murmured.
“Is this all that is between us?”
“Is what all that is between us?  Please clarify.”
“You know what I mean.”  She moved and turned to face him.  He gave her some room to turn, but remained in front of her; his honey irises locked with her ebony ones.  “Is sex the only thing linking us?  Sex and combat?  Is our relationship destined to be no more than fucking and fighting?  Do I mean more to you than that?  I need to know.”
“Sheila,” he murmured.  “You are being illogical.”
“What?  Illogical?  What’s so unreasonable about me wanting to know where I stand with you?  I mean, we’ve been sexing each other’s brains out for almost five weeks and is it too much to ask if that’s all I’m going to get from you?  I mean, at first, it was fine because I needed to be fucked and I still do, but I’m a woman and I have other needs besides a hard dick.  I have other needs that I have to know if you can fill, because if not, then…”
Then what?  What would she do?  Certainly there was not a more appealing man on board the ship other than the captain, and he was unavailable.  She knew K’avir was an austere man, even more so than the captain because he was pure Vulcan.  She knew that he wasn’t a frilly, fluffy guy and that was fine because she didn’t really care for that kind of man.  It was hard to tell because he was Vulcan and they were adept at keeping everything under wraps.  Whenever he put his hands on her or whenever they had sex—they never made love—he transmitted whatever he was experiencing and it was ambiguous.  After weeks of that, Sheila was ready for some kind of understanding on the nature of their relationship.  If K’avir wanted to be fuck buddies, that was fine.  She could do that and seek out her other needs elsewhere.  If he wanted more, if he saw her as more than a sex partner, then she had to know.
He had not stopped looking into her eyes.  “What other needs do you speak of?”
“I—I want to be…” She squeezed her eyes shut when she realized the right words eluded her.  “If you can’t give me everything I need, then…”
“Then what, Sheila?”
She sighed and looked away.  “Then I guess…I’ll have to find someone else to do it.”  She hoped that would be enough to jolt some sense into him because she really didn’t want to give him up.
“I do not understand why I must be redundant, but if it pleases you, then I shall say it again.  Sheila, you stimulate me.  I desire you.”
“Kavir, that’s not enough.” 
Sheila, frustrated, shoved him out of her way as she moved past and then walked out of the gym, leaving K’avir behind and baffled.

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