Musings in the Dark: Combat (1)


Combat (1)

The following story is an OC spinoff fanfic based in the Spock/Uhura fandom.  I do not own anything Star Trek related, but Sheila & K’avir (and all other OC characters) are exclusively mine.  Rating: Mature, 18+, for language, sex & adult situations.  In other words, business as usual.

 1.      Hand

“I’m ready.”

“You appear to be, Dr. Stephens.  Though appearances can be deceptive.”

“Not tonight, baby.  Now are you going to stand there and talk?”

“No.  I have been ordered to teach you full hand-to-hand combat from the captain.”

“You say that like you don’t want to teach me, K’avir.”

“On the contrary, Dr. Stephens.  You are my best student.”

Sheila smiled in spite of herself.  She’d better be.  Every evening after her shift in sickbay was over, she made sure she had her combat training.  It was the best part of her day, as she could vent her frustrations with a really hot guy.  She, Marlena and Trisha had progressed to the point that they were ready for advanced exercises.  Sheila had been working with K’avir specifically since the mutiny.  She loved to fight.  After years with Lenny beating on her, she wasn’t about to take another blow from anybody, except from her instructor.  K’avir respected her enough to actually try and hit her and she liked that. 

He had said, “Your opponent will not care that you are a woman.  You should know that, Dr. Stephens.”

He never used full force, but enough that she was learning how to defend herself from an actual attack.  She knew for a fact that he never tried to hit Marlena or Trisha, but she could take it.  Trisha and Marlena were on bridge duty.  This was intentional.  Sheila wanted to make sure that she had her lessons alone.  After the captain, K’avir was the hottest Vulcan on board the ISS-E and she would have him or die trying.  It had been four years, nine months and ten days since she’d had a really good fuck.  Her time with her now-deceased ex was an exercise in frustration and futility, as he couldn’t stay hard long enough to satisfy her.  Sheila wore out over a dozen dildos while she was with Lenny.

That would not be the case with the man in front of her. He always wore Starfleet-issued sweatpants and a T-shirt during their lessons.  He didn’t need to be naked for the lady doc to know that he was fine.  K’avir was six-four and 235 pounds.  He had broad shoulders and was so well-defined that his chest and abs were a testament to the epitome of Vulcan breeding.  He was definitely a tree she wanted to climb.  And then he had the nerve to have amber eyes and gorgeous lips.  Sheila wasn’t the only woman on board who wanted to fuck him, but she wasn’t about to let those other women get their hands on him, at least not until she got tired of him.  However, considering the circumstances, that wasn’t likely to happen.  K’avir was fine.

He stood in a relaxed stance, but Sheila knew it to be misleading.  K’avir was a formidable opponent, but he was also an excellent instructor.  He made her work for every inch of her current physique and he was a demanding bastard, pushing her past her limits.  He insisted on nothing short of perfection.

Sheila, clad in her usual shorts and tank top, stared at him.  “I’m ready.  Bring it.”

“Hit me,” he said.  “If you can.”  He always began their sessions with a challenge because he knew she couldn’t resist it.

Feeling her blood rise, Sheila shook her ponytail and balled her fists.  She paused for a moment, thinking about the best way to strike.  She took a deep breath and then came at him swinging.  A moment later, she was flat on her back in front of him.  K’avir stared down at her.  “Unacceptable.  Try again.”

Sheila started to get up in the usual fashion, but soon found K’avir’s foot on her abdomen.  “No.  Do it the way I showed you.  Your opponent will not wait for you to rise before another attack is made.”

She rolled her eyes and he removed his foot.  She took a deep breath, arched her back, pushed up with her hands and bounced to her feet in one quick move.  It always made her head swim, but she shook it off and resumed her stance.

“A poor effort.  You will have to work on that, Dr. Stephens.”

“You’re an asshole,” she said.

“When you can best me in combat,” K’avir said, “then you may call me any name you like.  Try again.”

She came at him again, irritated.  A swing and a kick later, she was on the mat again.  He stared down at her.  “Emotion does not serve you well in combat, Doctor.  Perhaps you aren’t my best student.”

“You’re a fucking dick,” she hissed and popped back up again.  “There’s a reason you said it and you know it.”

“A little better on your bounce that time,” he said.  His voice was so calm and even; it appeared that nothing could make him break his smooth baritone cadence.

Sheila gave him the finger and tried again.  And again.  And again.  Each time, he knocked her down on the mat.  Each time, she got madder.

“Try again,” he said, staring down at her.  She was his favorite student because she never gave up and wasn’t afraid to take a hit.  She was tough and he was hard on her because he didn’t want her to be unprepared.  “Hit me, Doctor.  Stop trying to hit me and hit me.”

Sheila got up and wiped her mouth with her forearm.  “I’m going to do everything in my power to put you on this mat, K’avir.”  She took another breath and then began to move around him.  He matched her movement and they circled each other.  Then she came towards him and swung twice.  He blocked her fists and she head-butted him and then kneed him in the balls.  He pushed her away and cupped his testicles.  Sheila didn’t waste any time.  She started a roundhouse kick to his head, but he was very slick.  He swept her foot out from under her and knocked her to the mat.  Again.  She was angry.  She lay there for a moment, completely out of breath.  He stood over her, a towering, gorgeous giant.  When she could breathe, she was furious. 

“I hit you!” she said. “You were faking!”

“You will have to do a lot better than a knee to the testicles if you want to injure me, Dr. Stephens.”

“But I hit you!  You told me to hit you and I did!”

“I would like for you to attempt a clean hit.  Try and punch me.”

She bounced to her feet and glared at him.  “You will block any blow I make, K’avir.”

“Try, Doctor.  Stop whining.”

“You’re starting to get on my fucking nerves,” Sheila said.  She was livid.  K’avir irritated the hell out of her with his never-ending serenity.  For once, she wished she could crush his Vulcan fa├žade or at least knock his fine ass out.

“I will keep you here all night until you hit me, Doctor.”

She squeezed her eyes shut.  He wasn’t lying.  “The hell you will.”

Sheila took a deep breath and closed her eyes, clearing her mind.  K’avir never spoke unless it was during his training sessions with the ladies or when he was barking orders in security.  He was the strong, silent type and after the noise of her last so-called relationship, she appreciated it.  She wanted to, anyway, but she had no idea where she stood with him.  She had been fighting him every day for six months and he was no more responsive to her now as he was then.  She could have been invisible as far as he was concerned and Sheila knew she was the best student he had.  No matter how hard she tried to impress him with her skills, he never responded in any way other than, “Try again.”

K’avir watched her, wary.  If it was anything he’d learned after six months of working with the gorgeous Dr. Stephens, it was that she was spunky, stubborn, and unpredictable and not above cheating.  She had long, strong legs and developed a superior roundhouse kick that could knock a man out cold.  She also had a devastating right hook made all the more painful with the addition of her brass knuckles.  It amused him to know that such an expert physician had no problem doling out pain when necessary.  But he wanted her to be as skilled as she could be; there was no telling when the ISS-E would fall under attack.

Sheila switched over into a kung fu style and came at him with a series of lightning-fast kicks.  He effortlessly blocked each kick and kicked back.  Sheila ducked, changed into street mode and punched him in the face, feeling it all the way up her arm.  The force of the blow actually turned K’avir’s head, and as she had been taught, finished him with a solid kick to the chest.  He landed on his back.  Sheila backed up, bouncing on the balls of her feet as if she were Bruce Lee.  She knew better than to stand over K’avir and gloat.  He put her on her back for that more times than she could count.  “So I’m done for tonight?”

K’avir slowly got to his feet.  He stared at her hard, moving his amber eyes over her bouncing form.  She actually managed to land a blow this time.  It pleased him.

“Yes.  I am delighted, Dr. Stephens.”

“You’d better be, because my fucking hand is going to hurt like a mad bastard.”  Sheila stopped bouncing and shook out her fingers.  It probably wouldn’t swell too much, as K’avir had already trained her on a punching bag and her hands were used to receiving blows.  But this was the first time she was actually able to knock him down.  She couldn’t help but be happy.  K’avir wasn’t a man who was downed.

“Your skills are improving.  However, I would prefer it not take so long next time for you to hit me.  Tomorrow, we will do some staff work.  If you are up to it.”  He eyed her hand and blinked in that dismissive way that irritated the shit out of her.

 ‘Asshole,’ she thought.  “Oh, I’ll be up to it,” she said.


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