Musings in the Dark: Combat (5)


Combat (5)

Skin, part 2

She moaned as his lips slid over her neck.  How was she supposed to fight off a man she desperately wanted?  A man who was hard in every sense of the word and wanted her as much as she wanted him.

‘Fight, girl!  Fight!  If you want him to bend you over and do you like you want to be done, then do as he says!’

Sheila inhaled and put her hands on K’avir’s chest.  With as much strength as she was capable of, she shoved him.  K’avir stumbled back and Sheila bum-rushed him, shoving him again.  She took a deep breath and punched him in the face.  Adrenalin flowed through her body as she realized she was fighting him naked.  Determined to make it count, she kneed him in the balls.  If fighting was K’avir’s form of foreplay, then she could handle that.  And this time, she gave him no quarter.  She brought both fists down between his shoulder blades and then brought her knee up again, connecting with his chin.  K’avir fell backwards onto the floor and Sheila moved away from him, feeling the blood rush to her head and to her sex; she was so damned horny now.  So this was how he wanted it.  So much for the sweet, tender shit, but Sheila was beyond that.  She wanted him to throw her down on the bed, grab her by her hair and fuck the hell out of her.  And if fighting got him to do exactly that, then she would scrap as hard as she could.

Damn, it was a turn-on!  She liked to fight.

K’avir got up and he actually smiled at her.  It was a dangerous smile, but a smile nonetheless.  Sheila moved into a simple fight stance, instinctively knowing that he would knock her down and it would be on.

She was right.  K’avir came at her and seconds later, they were on her bed, kissing hungrily.  She wrapped her legs around him, pressing as close as she could; frustrated that he was still fully dressed.

“Get out of those clothes,” she demanded.  “Get naked!”

He paused for a moment to remove his shirt and she helped him, and then he kicked off his shoes and sweatpants and she took in a moment to stare at the physical perfection of Vulcan in her bed.  Chiseled with a body hard as diamonds and a mercifully big stiff dick.

Thank God.

He was taking too long and so she slapped him.  “Fuck me, K’avir.  Fuck me NOW!”

K’avir growled and grabbed her long, long legs and pushed them together, holding both of them over one shoulder.  He held himself and angled, slowly moving in.  He closed his eyes; she was so very, achingly tight and she locked down on him, shoving him out.  Like combat.

“Oh no,” he said.  “You will not do that to me, Sheila.”

“I told you not to bullshit around with it, K’avir.  I can take whatever you bring, so bring it.  Fuck me and quit playing.”

He pushed in and she cried out.  He held her legs and thrust hard, but at an even pace.  Sheila couldn’t keep it to herself and didn’t give a damn that she might be heard outside of her quarters.  She was past giving a shit.

“Yes!” she said.  “Yes, yes…oh yes!…fuck me, you fine ass motherfucker…!”

The way he held her legs together made the fit unbelievably tight and he was so big, so blessedly big that he filled every inch of her.  He was breathing steadily and moved a hand over her and down between her legs to stimulate her clit.  Sheila braced herself on her arms so that she could see his face; dark with passion, eyes closed as he banged against her.

“Harder,” she moaned.  “Harder, K’avir.  I’m a big girl.  I can take it.  I can handle you.”

Her words were nothing but fuel.  He started pounding away; in a blind lust, holding her legs together.  “Sheila,” he moaned.  Then he released her legs and turned them to the side, pushing in farther.  She groaned, panting his name, murmuring sounds of pleasure, feeling herself about to blow.  She squeezed her eyes shut and grabbed her coverlet, knotting it between her fingers.  Her climax was earth-shattering and deafening.  He felt it, felt her come all over his dick and it made him crazy.  Her smell was all over him; her natural scent, her primal fragrance and he was beside himself.

Sheila was trembling, bombs exploding behind her eyes…and he was still hard.  Thank the maker for the captain’s insistence on combat training.  K’avir pulled out and rolled her over on her stomach.  She moved easily, her body going out of control once again as she realized what he was about to do.

He adjusted her hips, bending her at the waist.  Sheila felt her ass go up in the air and trembled when he said, “Hold on to something.”

Sheila couldn’t speak but she could hear.  She obeyed, knowing that he was about to fuck the shit out of her, and briefly she wondered how long it had been since he’d had sex.  It didn’t matter; he could have as much as he wanted after tonight.

K’avir rose up, planting his feet on either side of her knees and grabbed the top of her headboard.  He pushed his way inside and she juiced at the feel of him so far up in her that he could probably touch her cervix.  Then he turned into a battering ram.  He couldn’t help it; she felt too damn good, so fucking wet, so damned hot…so tight, so hot, so wet; he was out of his mind. 

Sheila’s bed creaked dangerously.

She couldn’t help it.  She held on to the bottom of the headboard and screamed her pleasure into the pillow.  The bed banged against the wall and all Sheila could do was hold on and take it, which was easy because he was fucking her exactly the way she wanted, just the way she liked it, the way she hadn’t had it in years.  Lenny would come before he even touched her G-spot and years of deprivation were going to make her K’avir’s slut.  She didn’t give a shit.  She would let him fuck her six ways from Sunday anytime he wished.  Heaven have mercy, but he felt so good

She didn’t need to touch her clitoris this time.  Her orgasm was volatile, violent and cathartic.  She screamed her release into the pillow and squirted all over him and the bed.  She didn’t know when he climaxed, but she felt it when he collapsed beside her, making the bed shake.  Vaguely, she wondered if they broke it.

Fire raged behind his eyes and in his bloodstream; he did not recall ever having a woman like this before, having her in a way that was so satisfying, so pleasing to his Vulcan sensibilities.  He did not care for tender intimacy; he was not a man who was stimulated by the idea of making love.  He was a warrior, a fighter and he wanted to fuck his woman and for her to fuck him.  That pleased him.  She pleased him.  She could handle it; she could handle him, and she could take it.  His orgasm was blinding and he exploded inside of her, grunting like an animal, shaking under the power she had over him and his release filled her and drizzled out and down her legs, mixing with her own juices.  K’avir landed beside her and heard the bed creak again.  He probably broke it when he beast-fucked her.  He was heavy.

Sheila lay on her stomach, her face sweaty and she was tired.  She knew she needed to get up and change the bed covers, for they both came all over it, but she didn’t want to move.  She wasn’t even sure if the bed survived what they did, but she didn’t care.  She felt amazing and alive, biting her lip to keep her emotions in check.  No woman should go through what she had without feeling like this every once in a while.  Feeling like a woman should feel, satisfied on a fundamental level, overcome with the knowledge that she enticed a man to do what K’avir did.  She wanted to brag, to preen, to walk around and talk shit about her stuff.  But she didn’t want to move.  She wasn’t sure if she could.

She felt him beside her, his hand moving idly along her back.  She felt off-balance.  “I think we broke the bed,” she murmured.

“Sheila,” he said.


“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”

“I can feel what you’re feeling.”

“Then you know that I’m fine.  You know that I’m feeling whole for the first time in years.  You made me feel like a woman should and I’ve got to thank you for that.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, moving his hand over her ass.  There was a bruise on one cheek, probably from one of the many times he knocked her onto the mat.  He felt himself stiffening.  “But do not think that you are the only one who has taken something from this.  I do not indulge in this manner, but I cannot help myself when it comes to you.  You are the only student I see every day.”

“Really?”  She was ready to swear that Trisha and Marlena had daily sessions with him.

“I spend four days a week with my other students,” he said, kneading her ass.  “But I must challenge and be challenged by you regularly, Sheila.  You stimulate me in ways I cannot explain to you.”

She nodded.  “Are you stimulated now?”

“Yes.  Turn over.”

Sheila rolled over onto her back and looked up.  He was on his side, his head braced in one hand.  He started fondling her breast.  She heard his breathing slow and felt him getting hard once more.  She smiled to herself.  It didn’t take him long and he could go more than one time.  Thank goodness.

“I want you again,” he said.  “I want to devour your breasts and drink the honey between your legs.  I want to fuck you standing up and from behind.  I must warn you that I like to bite.  Is this to your liking?”

That made her wet as hell.  “I can take it if you can take me biting back.  And if you give me a chance to suck that demon you’re packing.  Also, I want to ride you.  Is this to your liking?”  Sheila could give as good as she got.  She was not afraid to match K’avir.  She could match him.  Her needs were as strong as his.

K’avir took a deep breath and stared into her eyes.  “I can handle you if you can handle me.”  He squeezed her breast and lowered his head to her nipple. 

She exhaled, feeling herself begin to squelch.  “So we don’t always have to fight before we fuck?”

“No,” he said.

Sheila smiled to herself as he came over her, taking her nipple into his mouth.  “Pity.”


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