Musings in the Dark: Sexy Things (4)


Sexy Things (4)

I’ve always loved lingerie, but during the time of my emotional rollercoaster, I forgot all about wearing it for practical reasons.  But recently, I re-embraced my feminine  side and started wearing lingerie again.  I’d forgotten how good it felt to have silks and satins against my skin, and how liberating it is to walk through my house wearing little more than a piece of soft, colorful fabric.  I got rid of most of my big T-shirts and sleep pants and spent a nice piece of change on rebuilding my lingerie drawer—which now takes up two drawers, I happily add.  I have gowns, peignoirs, camis, teddies and little lace shimmies.  Before I go to sleep, I scent my sheets with either lavender or vanilla body spray and I am lulled into pleasant dreams about Rick Yune or Morris Chestnut…but I digress.

Ladies, if you’ve never worn lingerie, I suggest that you go pick up a few pieces.  You can find quality stuff all over.  My preference in stores is either Ashley Stewart or Lane Bryant.  Online stores include biggalslingerie and ILoveSexy, among others.  There is nothing that makes you feel more feminine than lingerie.  Have a gander:  

Need I say more?


  1. You always post the best links.

  2. I love that lovely nightgown that's red that Gladys Knight is wearing I would love to order it.

  3. Just posted about the red nightgown with the robe. My name is Adonis Lynette Clarke.

    1. Hi! Welcome to the Dark! I just saw this comment, so please forgive the late reply.


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