Musings in the Dark: Author's Roundtable


Author's Roundtable

A few weeks ago, authors Denny Upkins, Hayat Ali, Ankhesen_Mié, and I got together to have a roundtable discussion.  The focus of this particular roundtable was the challenges that authors of color face in the publishing industry and in the media.  The roundtable was refreshingly honest, as each author represented different levels of experience and areas of expertise.  It was awesome to connect with like minds, as it is not something that happens on a daily basis in an author’s life.  Writing is a lonely process, as it should be, but it does help to know that we are not the only PoC authors toiling in the name of telling our own stories.

You can read the entire discussion here.

Denny Upkins is the author of Hollowstone.  A must read.

Hayat Ali is the author of The Alpha Promise.

Ankhesen_Mié is the author of Purple Jars of Rice, Folklore & Other Stories, Violet Dusk, and The Woman From Cheshire Avenue.  Chessy Ave is her latest.  You can find her most recent works at the Middle Child Press eBookstore.

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