Musings in the Dark: It's Finally Ready!!!


It's Finally Ready!!!

For those of you who are fans of and followers of my blog and my work, I am happy to report that my first novel, Corruption, is ready for purchase.  Corruption is the story of Mahogany Carroll, an unrepentant cougar, and Jordan Yoshito, her precocious cub.  Jordan struggles with finding his way in the world, and Mahogany struggles with needing more than just great sex.  Mahogany likes her men young and Jordan prefers his women experienced, and so they enter into a relationship that was intended to be no more than temporary.  But people have a way of leaving their mark on one another long after encounters have ceased, and this holds true for Jordan and Mahogany.

I recently did an interview with Ankhesen_Mié about Corruption, which represents my first foray into Blasian fiction.  There are teasers and other relevant information about the book located here in the Dark.

Corruption can be purchased directly from the Middle Child Press eBookstore.  I appreciate your support and feel free to leave a review on the MCP blog.  I hope you enjoy Corruption.

This book has a Mature rating due to explicit sex, language & adult situations.  For 18+ audiences only.

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