Musings in the Dark: Meeting Denny


Meeting Denny

Today I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting my brother from another mother; a kindred spirit, a like mind: Mr. Denny Upkins, aka Neo-Prodigy.  He was in Atlanta for Outlantacon, and we agreed to meet at the hotel where he was staying.  Denny is an attractive, personable, handsome man who is exceptionally tall.  I had to stand on my toes to get a good hug.

As we did online, we clicked immediately.  He told me all about Outlantacon, which is a convention for the “Queer Geek.”  We met after the conference ended and sat in the lobby of the hotel, talking about anything and everything.  He shared with me valuable tips about the benefits of attending conventions: networking with authors, publishers and those involved in the craft.  Denny and I believe in linking with those who share the same passion for writing as we do, and who are in the position to help us get our names out there.  Hustling is the name of the game, and I learned very quickly that Denny is a bona-fide hustler.

I know that I’m comfortable with someone when the conversation flows freely between random subjects without pause.  Denny and I covered a myriad of subjects during our brief time together and every second of it was enjoyable.  Rarely do I have the opportunity to schmooze with those of my ilk, and it’s like rain on parched earth.  I now know that Denny is not that far from me, and he comes to Atlanta often enough that I know we’ll hang out again.

Oh yeah, bonus!  I got an actual copy of his wonderful debut novel Hollowstone.  I have it on Kindle, but as I’ve said countless times, I prefer to have an actual book and it pleases me to now be able to enjoy Hollowstone in the way it was meant to be.  Epic win!!!


  1. I remain immeasurably jealous of you both.

  2. *blushes*

    Now I gotta plan a trip to Houston. ;-)


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