Musings in the Dark: Coming to a theater near you...


Coming to a theater near you...

A recently-engaged martial arts expert refuses 
to join the mafia and is murdered in cold blood.  
It is up to his tenacious bombshell fiancee to unravel 
the mystery behind his death.

BRUCE LEE                       PAM GRIER
 as Dylan                                        as Roxanne
starring in...

Fists of Foxy Brown 
a.k.a. Coffy's Game of Death

Revenge is a motherfucker wearing stilettos.

Based on the book by Javan Nelums.  Directed by Cathy Jean Waters.  
Rated R.


  1. I maintain you are cray.

    Genius...but cray.

  2. Certifiable.

    Don't be surprised if the fanfic pops up on the Narrative this summer...after I go on a Pam Grier/Bruce Lee movie marathon. This could work.


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