Musings in the Dark: Giving Props...


Giving Props...

Since we never truly get any respect, props or credit, may I present to you the utter fabulousness that is Black Female Superheroes.

A couple of friends sent me this link on Facebook and I like to share wonderful goodies like this.  I'm not a comic book fan (I let it go decades ago), but these I'll buy and read.  Perhaps, when my schedule allows, I'll actually be able to read and offer my perspective on these boss chicks.  I'm already a fan of Misty Knight and I've never read her comics.

Ass-kicker extraordinaire

Misty, it is definitely you, baby!!!

*sniff*  I know who I want to be for Halloween...


  1. Agreed! I haven't read Misty Knight's comics but when I saw her I knew one day I'd cosplay her. Also Vixen ... she's a bad chick!

  2. I look forward to reading and researching each one of these BAMFs.

  3. Alex Raventhorne5/29/12, 2:00 PM

    I love Dhalua, the hero's wife from the Tom Strong series by Alan Moore - she's black, he's white. Once she was super-pissed and putting the smack-down on a white Nazi-woman who had kidnapped Tom. Their daughter Tesla asks Tom to stop her beating the woman, dude is like "When your mother is like that, I ain't gonna try to stop her!". The woman I wanted to play in a movie adaptation is Jakita Wagner from the Planetary series by Warren Ellis. Jakita can FIGHT! One of my fave scenes is where they come across giant ants and she leaps off the ground and punches through (as in, fist followed by entire body) one ant's head. Her father is white, mother is black - sigh as I realise the frequency of this in comics...

  4. @Alex: Awesome! I'm so out of comic book fandoms, so this is all new info for me. Keep them coming! Research like this is NEVER bad!!!

  5. OK

    How about I LITERALLY just re-read Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets starring Misty Knight and her BFF Colleen Wing.

    This is a self-contained graphic novel so you should be able to follow the story and don't need to know the history of all the characters. Get this title. It should be on Amazon. IT'S THAT GOOD!!!!!

  6. Alex Raventhorne5/31/12, 6:50 AM

    I just bought Daughters of the Dragon - thanks for the recommendation!
    Two more cool women of colour from comics - this time The Authority series, set in the Wildstorm Universe. Latino Angela Spica aka The Engineer, has a skin of nano-tech - fighter, scientist, engineer, tactician in her own right. Chinese Li-Men aka Swift, superhuman, "fastest winged mammal on the planet", enhanced strength, can find anyone anywhere - she was once thrown into a doorway to countless planets and found a lost kid there in minutes. The Engineer and Swift are good friends to boot!

  7. Thanks Neo! Totally gonna buy it.

    I hope to have a feature on as many boss sistah sheroes as I can. Too good not to give props too.


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