Musings in the Dark: What's Wrong With This Picture?


What's Wrong With This Picture?

I've said before that I'm not a fan of TV.  It is a glut of crap-ass reality shows, unfunny sitcoms, sanitized plots and drama that is about as dramatic as a lamp turning on, IMO.  Rarely do I tune in to anything other than ESPN or the Science Channel.  I'd much rather waste my time examining my toenails for chipped polish than subject my nerves and neurons to watching a show that probably won't make it through the entire season.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels this way.  This is a rundown of 17 TV shows that got deep-sixed this week.  I can't even tell you what any of them are about, but I can ask you this:

What do all of these shows have in common (other than the fact that they got the boot)?

Bonus question:  Why do you think these shows got canceled?  Honestly.  Don't talk about low ratings because that's obvious.  I have my opinions but I would LOVE to know what others think.  


  1. Bland casts, weak premises, and the fact that folks probably didn't even realize that 90% of those were even on the air.

    I hadn't heard of at least 13 or so.

    Good to know Secret Circle tanked. As for Ringer, saw that one coming a mile away.

  2. Ankh is right! All of these shows are Bland! With a capitol B!! None of the casts mirror the evolving American public.

  3. Alex Raventhorne5/15/12, 7:30 PM

    I'm cosigning Hazel's comment! Was smiling whilst I saw the pics of each main cast. Before I watch anything these days, I want to know what is it in for me? Am I getting at least one of the following:
    a) Black women I can identify with
    b) Women of any race I can admire
    c) Education in some area e.g. political, legal, or military problem-solving
    d) Romance I enjoy watching
    e) Deep belly laughs
    f) No disturbing depictions of women, women of colour, black women. (Scandal I'm giving you the side eye, soon it might be no eyes!)

    TV execs need to wake up and realise TV has competition - books, video games, movies, board games, dancing, talking with friends.

    The few people left who actually watch tv, they want something worth watching. And stop giving me shows that are 90% white plus some blacks or latinos or indians or asians. Still can't get my head round how in the US they can't have a mainstream show with a black, a latino, an indian, and a chinese person all in the main cast.

  4. @Alex:

    AMEN! *passes the collection plate* I couldn't have said it better myself. I looked at those cast pictures and went, "Um...they all look exactly the same." All of the premises sounds about as interesting as bleached flour, pun intended.

  5. Too much of the same thing...I'm not a TV person but it's pretty obvious that TV doesn't show real life in terms of people of colour, lifestyles, etc...

    Boring. Just plain boring.

  6. @diaryofanegress:

    Lily-white casting and scripts, actors so bland they could be substituted with lard and we wouldn't know the difference. I rarely watch TV anymore and I know the time is coming where I'll give up my cable subscription and not even bat an eye.

    Thanks for stopping in the Dark! Feel free to come back anytime.


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