Musings in the Dark: "Precession," part 8


"Precession," part 8

Part 8

          Orion Jr. loved his room.  He was ecstatic over all of his new toys and video games and books.  Phaedra watched him run around laughing and shouting out the names of things he was most impressed with.  I stood next to her, thinking about how much I liked having a family, and how much I wanted us to be together.

Orion Jr.'s new bedroom

          “Daddy, this stuff is so cool!  Are we gonna play video games tonight?”
          “Yeah,” I said.  “Whatever you want.”
          “Don’t let him stay up past nine, Orion.”
          “I won’t.”
          “Make sure he brushes his teeth.”
          “I will.”
          “He forgets to wash behind his ears and floss his teeth.  You have to watch him.  He also forgets to apply lotion, and I don’t want him ashy.”
          “Phaedra, I’ll take care of our son.  I’ve been paying attention.”
          Orion Jr. settled in front of his new flat-screen, watching The Backyardigans.  “Can we have pizza for dinner?”
          “Sure can,” I said.
          Phaedra rolled her eyes.  “Baby, are you going to be okay?”
          “I’m fine, Mommy.”
          “You let him call me whenever he wants to, Orion.”
          “I will.”
          “Can I get a hug and kiss, Taz?”
Mommy good-bye kiss
          He got up and ran towards her, a grin splitting his face.  Orion crashed into Phaedra and hugged her.  “Love you Mommy.  I’ll be ok.”  She bent over and he kissed her cheek.  I checked out her ass again; it was practically second nature.  I was so hard up; it had been weeks since I last had sex.  I was practically living with blue balls and was a veritable monster to work for.  Sadao wanted to introduce me to a couple of his jump-offs just so I could blow off some lust, but Phaedra was the only one who was going to be the recipient of my barely-restrained passion.  I had no desire for any other woman but her, and Sadao teased me about being pussywhipped over pussy I hadn’t had in almost seven years.
          “Bye sweetie.  I’ll see you on Sunday, all right?”
          “Okay.”  He then skipped back to the bed and flopped on it, focusing on the TV.
          Phaedra gave me a quick smile and then left the room.  I followed her.
          “I’m not used to leaving him, Orion.  You’d better make sure he’s okay.  You let him call me anytime he wants to.  Don’t let him eat a lot of junk, make sure he washes his face, and don’t forget to turn on the night light—”
          “Phaedra,” I said, taking her by the arm.  “I got it.  Remember, I know his nighttime routine.  It’s been six months.  I know what to do.  He’s going to be fine.”
          She moved her arm and stepped away from me.  Since that day in my apartment, she had been very careful not to be alone with me.  She always made sure our son was in the room with us, and if he was available, CJ.  I noticed that the tension between her and CJ had dissipated and he seemed a lot more relaxed around me now.
          “Phaedra, it’s okay. But we need to talk about it, don’t you think?”  We both knew what “it” was.
          “It’s not okay, Orion.  And I gave you my final words on the subject that day.”
          “Do you really think that it’s over between us?”
          She shouldered her bag and buttoned her coat.  “It is.  I love CJ.  We are working out our problems and we’re getting married in a few weeks.  It was wrong of me to kiss you like that.  It was wrong of me to let you get a hand under my skirt.  I got caught up; lost my mind a little bit.  But it won’t happen again.  I’m not going to cheat on my fiancĂ©.
          “Phaedra, you didn’t cheat.  We didn’t get that far, remember?”
          “And we won’t.”  She swallowed and looked away.  “I’ve got to go.  I’ll pick him up on Sunday afternoon.”
          “No, I’ll bring him home. He’s going to be fine, Phaedra.  Thank you for letting him stay with me.”
          She looked at me.  “Don’t fuck this up.”
          “I won’t,” I said.  “What are your plans for the weekend?”
          Phaedra looked down and her lips turned up in a small smile.  “Do you really want to know?”
          “Of course.”
          “Well, since I have a babysitter for the weekend, I’m going to have a romantic weekend with my future husband.  Things have been tense between us, and I’m hoping that some good quality time and even better sex will help to set things right.  I’m going to feed him, seduce him and fuck him.  Is that okay with you, Orion?” she teased.
          It startled me and I coughed.  “No.”  I was irritated and my dick hurt.  “I don’t want to hear about you doing that to another man.”
          “Tough.  Please have my child home by 4:00.”  She turned and walked out, leaving me standing in the middle of the room.

Orion is not happy about Phaedra's weekend plans.
          Orion Jr. wanted to draw pictures on the floor with his new art set.  I sat with him, watching the playoffs, eating popcorn and riffling his hair.  He asked me if I would get a Mohawk and that was the one time I had to deny my kid.  We sat in relative silence and I was enjoying just being with my son, when he said, “Why doesn’t CJ like you, Daddy?”
          I shrugged.  “We don’t really know each other.”
          “I hear him and Mommy fight about you.”
          “He says she acts different when you’re around.”
          “Different how?”
          He shrugged.  “I don’t know.  CJ thinks that Mommy loves you.”
          “Naah,” I said.  “Mommy loves CJ.  She’s going to marry him.”
          “What’s marry?”
          “Marry is when two people decide they want to be together forever, and they wear rings and live in the same house.” 
          Orion was busy drawing what looked like Phaedra.  “I like CJ,” he said.  “He’s funny and he practices taekwondo with me.  He likes kissing and touching Mommy.  He makes Mommy laugh.  But you’re my Daddy.  Mommies and Daddies should live in the same house.”  The kid was matter-of-fact.
          I looked at my son.  He’d seen Phaedra making out with CJ?  “Does Mommy know you saw her kissing CJ?  What do you know about kissing?”
Father and son
          He grinned at me.  “Alexa at school likes to kiss me on the cheek.  But CJ doesn’t kiss Mommy on the cheek.  And no, Mommy doesn’t know.  She thinks I’m in my room.  But sometimes when I have to go to the bathroom, I see them kissing on the couch.”  Orion continued to draw as if it didn’t bother him.  “Sometimes he has his hands under her shirt.”
          “Okay,” I said, my voice a little shrill.  “You’re spying on Mommy when you’re supposed to be asleep, little man.  Don’t do that.  It’s not nice.”
          “I didn’t mean to, Daddy.  I have to pee sometimes.”
          “I understand.  Don’t tell Mommy that you saw her kissing CJ.  And certainly don’t tell her you saw CJ’s hands under her shirt.  Mommy would not like that.”  I didn’t like it.
          “Can I ask you something?”
          “Do you kiss Mommy too?”
          “Why would you ask that?”
          “Well, because you’re my Daddy.  Daddies kiss Mommies all the time.”
          “Where did you get that from?”
          “From the kids at school and on TV.  Sometimes I sit with Mommy when she watches television.  I read books and color, and I see Mommies and Daddies kiss on the TV.”
He was a smart little cookie; I had to give him that.  “Mommy loves CJ, so Mommy kisses CJ.  Now, let’s change the subject.  What are you drawing?”
          “Mommy.  I’m going to draw me and you too.”
          “Are you going to draw CJ?”
          “Why not?  I thought you liked CJ.”
          “I do.  But he’s not my Daddy.”
          I stroked his hair.  I was not about to argue with my son.

I really do want this man.

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