Musings in the Dark: "Precession," part 10


"Precession," part 10

Part 10   RATING:  NC-17.  I know; finally!
          Phaedra has always been sweet to me.  I can’t describe the taste of her; there’s no fruit, candy or any other substance that I can recall that would come close to her innate sweetness.  All I knew was that I craved it.  I pushed her against the refrigerator and pulled her hands above her head.  She kissed me just as fervently as I kissed her; there was nothing honeyed or saccharine about the way our tongues dueled.  She kept her hands above her head; there was nothing within my reach that I could use to tie her wrists together, and I wasn’t about to step away from her to find kitchen twine.  She wanted me; I wanted her and time was of the essence.  There was no telling how long Orion Jr. would sleep and there was no guarantee that he wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom.  I knew Phaedra would be mortified to know our son had seen her making out with CJ; but he did not need to see us like this.
          I picked her up and asked between kisses, “Where’s your bedroom?”
          She responded in kind, “Down the hall on the left.”
          It might have taken ten seconds for me to traverse the distance from the kitchen to Phaedra’s bedroom.  I didn’t know because I was too preoccupied with her mouth.  I kicked the door closed with my foot and crossed her room in two long strides.  We sank into the bed, devouring each other and she clawed at my shirt, popping buttons and yanking seams.  I pushed up to remove it and my T-shirt and she pulled off her own.
          She made me wish I had two mouths and four hands.  I wanted to taste her mouth and her breasts, and I wanted my hands everywhere.  She was hot to the touch and her breasts were twin mounds of chocolate capped off with dark truffle-like nipples.  Her skin was both salty and sweet and her nipples were hard little nubs that drove me crazy.  I buried my face in her cleavage and stroked her breasts and thought that the very feel of Phaedra underneath me would send me into climax.  Her navel was a perfect little dip and I stuck my tongue in it.
          “Orion…omigod…!”  Her hips wiggled and she put her legs around me.    “Orion…”
          I adjusted and pulled up beside her to kiss her once more.  She wrapped an arm around my neck and pulled me down. I broke off and sucked my two middle fingers.  Then, staring into her eyes before claiming her mouth again, I slipped my hand underneath her jeans and between her legs.  She arched and spread, allowing me inside.  An “Oh!” of guttural pleasure escaped her and she pulled me down to kiss me again.
          Phaedra was so wet; it was like warm water running over my fingers.  Her moans of pleasure were muted by my hungry, seeking mouth and she bucked her hips in time to my fingers.  Her ass rubbed against my groin and shallow breaths escaped me.  I was so horny for her.  I could come from this alone as long as she…didn’t…stop…
          “Orion, oh baby…” she said.  “Oh baby…oh baby…you’re going to make me come…”
          I took a brief second to mentally ridicule and then thank CJ.  I don’t know what sane man would leave a woman like Phaedra sexually deprived, but his loss was my gain.  I pushed my thumb into her clit and ground it in tight little circles and she let me go and threw her head back.  Her body seemed to move on its own and the sounds she made drove me mad.  She grabbed the covers and groaned at her release.
          I gave her a moment to get right while licking my fingers.  It was just a sample, a teaser.  She looked at me.  “Orion…”
          I moved again, straddling her, and started removing her jeans.  Phaedra rose up on her arms and stared at me.  I pulled them down and off, and slipped my fingers underneath her panties.
          “Lift for me,” I said, meeting her eyes.  “I need to taste you, Phaedra.”
          She raised her hips and smiled at me as I ran the crotch of her panties over my face.  “I love the way you smell; I’ve missed it.”
          “You flatter me,” she said as I dropped kisses on her inner thighs.
          “I think you know better,” I teased before splitting her pussy lips with parted fingers.  “You know how much I love your pink pearl.”
          “It’s something I tried to forget,” she said, rising up on her arms.  I looked at her and she was staring at me.  “I couldn’t forget it all, Orion…no matter how much I tried.”
          I kissed the insides of Phaedra’s thighs and buried my face in the beautiful brown sweetness of her.  She quickly remembered that I had a fantastically long tongue and I liked to nibble.  There was no shortage of weapons in my sexual arsenal, and I was willing to whip out every one I had to please her.  If winning her heart meant I had to cheat, then I would.  The sensation and taste of Phaedra was sublime.  The sounds that escaped her were nothing but fuel for my desire, and she encouraged me to taste her as deeply and as intensely as I could; as if reminding me what a fool I had been to leave all of this good stuff. 
            A real man understands how to read a woman’s nonverbal cues when it comes to giving head.  When she grabs his head and pushes his face deeper into her, then he isn’t licking hard enough and she needs more pressure.  Apparently, two years of eating Nysha out had warped my tongue because Phaedra held me firmly by the back of my head and pushed my face deeper between her thighs.  I had no problems suffocating myself in the wet heat of her, but it was her pleasure I sought so I licked harder.  The way she liked it was for me to put the pink pearl at the tip of my tongue and work my way up in a single stroke.  It certainly got results; Phaedra arched and her thighs clenched around my head.   For added pleasure, I repeated the move, but with the back of my tongue and allowed the membrane to graze over the pearl.  Phaedra’s fingers slid through my hair, she emitted some sort of strangled sigh, and I glanced up long enough to see her playing with one of her nipples.  It was a sign that I was doing her right, just the way I should.  I didn’t forget a thing.
She tossed her legs over my shoulders, and I, in my insanity, grabbed her thighs and rose up on my knees, pulling her with me.  She locked her legs around my head as I started sucking and kissing her lips.  I could die a happy man with her smothering me like this.  I felt her tremble in successive waves and then she hissed and arched her back when I hit her spot and she squirted. 
I let her down easy, gently kissing as she sank into the bed.
            “Orion,” she said.  “You remembered.”
            “Tell me you got condoms,” I said.
            She pointed at the nightstand.  “There.”
            In seconds, I had my pants unzipped and my cock free, and she was helping me put the condom on.
            “Good girl,” I said.  “But I don’t need any help with this.”
            “Then you’d better hurry up and get it on before I come to my senses.”
            “In that case…”
            She welcomed me like a new lover, and even though we weren’t, she felt like it.  I didn’t have it in me to take my time, and that was good because Phaedra and I were never slow about sex.  She liked to be fucked, and I liked fucking her.  That was what we did, and we made it as interesting and inventive as possible.   This being a spontaneous event, we had to improvise.  Phaedra had one of those bed-seats, and after thirty seconds of rapid missionary banging, she told me to move and stand up.  She quickly pushed the bed-seat to the edge of the bed, flipped it over, and lay across it.  She handed me her panties and I smiled at her.  Phaedra folded her arms around her back and I tied her wrists together with the thin scrap of fabric.  Her body rose at an angle and put her delectable ass at the same height as my groin.  It was good because I’m tall, and when I slipped back in at that position, it was all I could do to keep from exploding.  Phaedra buried her face in the covers and screamed her pleasure.  I did my best to keep my own sounds muffled; it was a futile effort because Phaedra felt so good, but I didn’t want to wake our child.  I couldn’t help smacking her ass and watching it jiggle.
            “Orion, smack me again,” she said, arching her back.  “Orion, please…”
            I knew my girl; I knew her inside and out, what she liked, what she wanted, what she required.  I leaned forward as she pushed up and I slid my hand around her neck to squeeze her throat.
            “Yeah,” she commanded, pushing into me and I knew my climax wasn’t far off.  “Do it, do it now…!”
            I yanked her head back and squeezed her throat and she arched that perfect ass up in such a way that her sugar walls clamped down on my dick like a vise and I exploded.  Her juice ran down the insides of her legs and she keened into the bed.  In seconds we were both coming off an exquisite, unbelievable high.  Phaedra rolled off the bed-seat and I got on the bed beside her, doing my damnedest not to collapse.  She turned away from me and I pulled her close as I tried to slow my pounding heart.  Minutes passed and we lay together, and it was just like old times.  I might have even dozed.  I didn’t want to leave her.  No woman could make me come as fast or as hard as Phaedra could.  There was simply no point in settling for anything less than her.
            After some time, she said:  “This means nothing.”
            “This.  I allowed it to happen because I needed it, and you were always fantastic in bed.  I knew you would get me off.  But sex is all this is.  It doesn’t mean we’re back together.  I love CJ, and it’s him I want to be with.”
            I stiffened.  Her words cut me deep.
            “Orion, do you hear me?”
            I had my hand on her waist and I squeezed it hard enough to bruise.  “So what you’re saying is that you’re going to be cheating on your husband?”
            “That’s not what I said.  This was a one-time thing, Orion.”
            I chuckled.  “That’s what you think, Phaedra.  Obviously you remember how good we are together.  One time is all it takes, and next thing you know, you’re calling me over regularly, and you know I’ll stop what I’m doing and come running.”
            “That won’t happen.  CJ satisfies me.”
            “If you say so.  I meant what I said, Phaedra.  I don’t care if you do marry CJ.  I’m not going anywhere.  But that doesn’t mean that I’m going to let you just use my dick as stress relief.  I’m not going to be your boy toy.  You know I want more, and you know that means you’re going to be cheating on him, and more than just physically.  We both know this.”
            “I’m not going to cheat on CJ.”
            “You just did.”
            “It was just sex.  I won’t do it again.”
            “Want to bet?”
            “Don’t be an asshole, Orion.”
            “Don’t be na├»ve, Phaedra.  That was way more than just sex.  Tell you what, I’ll step back, keep my distance.  I’ll restrict myself to Orion Jr.  I won’t say anything about being together or anything like that.  I’ll let it go.  You go on and see if you can try to make a life with CJ.  If you can, then you will.  But if you can’t, you’re coming with me.”
            She turned over.  “With you how?”
            “You’ll be with me, and not just as my girlfriend.  I want you to be my wife.  I want to marry you.  You know we need to be together.”
            “Orion, there is too much unresolved stuff between us for me to up and marry you just because you know how to make me come.  Great sex does not a happy marriage make.  I don’t trust you.”
            “You trusted me to fuck you properly.  We can build on that,” I said.
            She sighed.  “I don’t know where you’ve been or what you’ve done for the past six years, and I don’t need any more surprises.  You’ve probably got another kid.”
            “No, I don’t.  We’ll resolve our issues, and I’ll do whatever I have to do to earn your trust, and then we’ll get married.  It’ll make Orion Jr. happy.  He told me this weekend that Mommies and Daddies should live together.”
            “His name is Quintaz, and it doesn’t matter because I’m marrying CJ.”
            “Are you willing to bet?”
            “This is stupid,” she said, sitting up.  “I need to take a shower and make dinner for my son—”
            I took hold of her elbow.  “If it’s stupid and you know it’s CJ you want, then why not indulge me and make a fool out of me?”
            Phaedra looked at me and her eyes softened.  “Is that what you want?”
            I caressed her elbow.  “What I want is you, and I’ll do what it takes to get you, Phaedra.  Deal?”
            She leaned forward and wiped something off my lips.  “You’ve got lipstick all over your mouth.”
            I kissed the pad of her thumb.  “What do you say, Phaedra?  If this is it, then it will be it, and I’ll never say another word about it.  I’ll buy you and CJ a wedding present and you’ll have my blessing.  But if it’s not it; if something leads you back to me…even a platonic kiss…then you’re mine and CJ’s gone for good.”
            She ran her thumb over my bottom lip, presumably to remove the rest of the lipstick.  “All right then, Orion.”

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