Musings in the Dark: "Precession," part 5


"Precession," part 5

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Part 5
When I showed up at Phaedra’s house for my regular Friday night visit, CJ answered the door.  He was the same height as I was, and a relatively handsome guy.  He was not happy to see me at the door, holding a bag for Orion Jr.
          “CJ,” I said, waiting for him to move aside so I could enter.
          He gave me the once-over and stepped to one side.  I walked into the house and sniffed.  The air smelled so good.  I wondered exactly what Phaedra was cooking.  “Smells great.  What’s for dinner?”
          “None of your business, as you won’t be staying for it.”

          I looked at him and shook my head.  I was smart enough not to engage him, as it would lead to a fight and Phaedra’s anger.  I would be the one to get kicked out of the house.  “Where’s my son?”
          I didn’t have to ask, because just then Orion came running out of the den, a big smile on his face.
          I put down the bag just as he launched himself into my arms.  It had not taken long for Orion to get used to me.  Every time I saw him, we spent time talking in either his room or the den.  Phaedra let me take him to the playground and sometimes out to dinner at a local fast-food joint.  He asked me a million questions and I answered each one of them, my patience eternal.  He was a bright, happy child; very loving and completely accepting of my explanation as to why I’d been gone so long.  It was a stunner when he pulled out a shoebox and started riffling through birthday cards and other stuff before pulling out a handful of pictures.   Some of them were pictures of me, and some of Phaedra and me.  There were a couple of ones of Phaedra while she was pregnant, and one with me standing proudly with one arm around her and the other firmly planted on her rounded belly.  We were both smiling; I remember how excited we were at the time because Phaedra found out that she was carrying a boy.  The pictures were well-worn. 
          “Mommy gave me these,” he said by way of explanation.  “She told me that I looked just like you.”  I could have died from the sheer pressure of my heart swelling in my chest and I loved Phaedra a million times more.
Quintaz, or Orion Jr.

          He remained in my arms and started talking about his day at school.  I rubbed his back and eyed CJ, who glared back at me just as Phaedra came out of the kitchen.  I looked at her and couldn’t help the raw, heated expression that CJ must have seen on my face.
          “Hello, Orion.”
          I smiled at her, appreciating how fabulous she looked.  “Hi, Phaedra.”
          “So, what are you watching tonight?”
          “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  I got him the book too.”  Phaedra had allowed me to get Orion Jr. a TV/DVD combo for his room a few weeks back, and he and I watched a movie and read two books every Friday night.  I read one book to him every night I visited, but Phaedra allowed him to stay up later on Fridays and the little hustler conned me into reading two on those days.  Already, I was considering getting him another bookshelf to hold all of the books and movies I’d purchased.
          I put Orion down and riffled his Mohawk.  Phaedra bent down to kiss his forehead.  She wore a sexy dark blue dress and was in her stocking feet, and I didn’t try to hide my appreciation for her ass and her legs.  I took a deep breath and smirked at CJ, who glared at me.  He moved closer to Phaedra.
          “Can Daddy stay for dinner?”
          Phaedra stood up and looked at me.  “I don’t know, baby.”
          CJ interjected, “Taz, he might have plans.”
          “I don’t,” I said, looking at Phaedra.  “I keep my nights with Ori—Quintaz open.”
          My son looked at me.  He had my eyes, my lips, my everything.  I wondered briefly if it pissed CJ off to look at him sometimes, especially now that I was back.  “Daddy, can you stay for dinner?”
          I looked at Phaedra.  “Can I?”
          Phaedra looked at CJ.  “Are you okay with this?”
          He folded his arms.  “Do I have a choice?”
          “CJ, don’t do this.  Not now.”
          He made a tsking sound and grabbed his jacket.  “I’m going for a walk.  I’ll be back in a little while.”
          Phaedra watched him go and then looked at me.  “I guess you get his portion.  I’m going to finish dinner, all right?”
          Orion opened the bag and laughed.  “Daddy, can we watch this now?”
          “Sure,” I said.  “Go on and put it in the Blu-ray.  I’ll be in there shortly.”  I took off my coat and hung it up on the coat tree.
          We watched him run into his bedroom.  Phaedra walked into the kitchen, running her hands over her ass.  I followed her.  I couldn’t help myself.  I hadn’t had sex in almost two weeks; Nysha was furious, but all I could think about was Phaedra, and it was her face that I had to put on Nysha to achieve any kind of arousal.  Lately, it hadn’t worked, because I remembered how Phaedra felt underneath me, how she smelled—not fruity—how she tasted, how it felt to be inside of her, and Nysha just couldn’t satisfy me anymore.  The practical thing to do would be to cut her loose.  I just hadn’t done it yet.
          “What are you cooking?” I asked. 
          “Chicken with mushroom sauce over angel hair pasta.  I felt like getting in the kitchen tonight.”
          “I hope I haven’t caused any problems,” I said, watching her return to the stove.  My lust and my stomach seemed to roll over and beg.  We used to get it on in the kitchen regularly; Phaedra never turned me down when I wanted some, not even while she was pregnant.  Standing in the kitchen with her brought back a flood of steamy, illicit memories; ones that I’d likely beat off to when I went home.
          She didn’t look at me.  “You know good and damn well that you have, Orion.  CJ is not happy about this new arrangement.”
          “Does he expect me to stay away from my son?  Cause I won’t.”
          “He does if it means you will stay away from me.”
          “Phaedra, I haven’t—” 
          “I know that, and I told him so.  I don’t know why he’s jealous; we’re supposed to be getting married in the summer.  I don’t want any man but him.”
          “Phaedra, you know you can’t be married to a man who doesn’t trust you.”
          “It isn’t me he doesn’t trust.  Aren’t you supposed to be with Quintaz?”
          “Phaedra, I’ve given CJ no reason not to trust me.”  He was always around whenever I showed up; even if I wanted to hit on Phaedra, I couldn’t because he was there.  But I kept my distance anyway, out of respect.  
          She didn’t turn around as she lifted the pasta pot lid and turned the chicken simultaneously.  “He doesn’t like the way you look at me.”
          “I can’t help that,” I said.  “You’re beautiful, and I want you.  I never stopped wanting you, Phaedra.  I can’t help it.”
          “You need to figure out a way to help it, Orion.  I don’t need you wrecking my relationship.  CJ is a good man, and he’s very good to me.”
          “Are you sure it’s me he can’t trust?”
          She said, “Quintaz is waiting for you, Orion.”
          “Answer my question.”
          “CJ trusts me, Orion.  But he knows that I used to be in love with you; he knows how intense it was between us.  I told him everything.  And I also told him that he had nothing to fear, because I’m in love with him now.”
          “Are you, Phaedra?”
          She looked me in the eye.  “Yes.  Madly.  I’ll never forget what we had, Orion.  I’m just not that trifling.  My son is a product of our union, and no matter how it abruptly it ended, I will not deny it.  My life is with CJ now, and he loves Taz.”
          “Phaedra, do you still love me?”
          “You’re the father of my child.  You gave me a beautiful, wonderful son and for that I will always love you.  But it took me two and a half years to get over your betrayal.  I could never trust you with my heart again, Orion.”
          “Can you forgive me for hurting you?”
          “I forgave you years ago.  It wouldn’t have been fair to CJ for me to bring that kind of baggage into a new relationship.  Besides, I had no choice, because whenever I look at my son, I see you.  There were days, Orion, many days, when I couldn’t stand the sight of my little boy; I hated you so much.  I had to forgive you for my son’s sake.”
          “Phaedra, I still love you.  I’m still in love with you.  I’m yours.  I’ll do anything…anything you want if it means you’ll give me another chance.”
          “Orion, don’t do this,” she said.  “Don’t do this to me.  Don’t ruin my life.”
          “Then you must still feel something for me if I have that power.”
          She looked me in the eyes.  Our relationship had been built on honesty; we had never lied to each other before.  A very long, very silent, very intense moment passed, and then she abruptly turned back to the stove.  “Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.”
          “All right,” I said.  “But we’re not done talking about this, Phaedra.”  I left her and went into our son’s room, amused, and wondering what Phaedra had done or said to make CJ not trust her around me.  He had every reason not to trust me, but her?  Clearly, things weren’t what they appeared to be.

Will Orion be able to win back Phaedra?


  1. Great update! I love the way this story is progressing and unfolding although I am starting to feel like a stalker, stalking this site and Blasian Narratives for updates on this story. So and when is the movie to this story getting made?

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's going a little longer than I planned, but oh well.

    As far as a movie? Only if Rick and Nia agree to do it, it's done by an indie director, and I'm hired as a consultant AND paid 20% back-end profits.

  3. @ aio oh good its not just me lol I love this story Amaya really relaxes my mind after all of the business and school reading I must do


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