Musings in the Dark: "Precession," part 7


"Precession," part 7

Part 7
I wanted to break it to her easy, so I had Jade’s master chef prepare a quiet dinner for us, and had my housekeeper decorate the dining nook with candles and low lights.  Nysha and I had been on the outs for a few weeks, and there was no point in dragging it out.  I was already wondering if she had found another man; someone who wanted to be with her in the ways I no longer wanted to be.  Truth be told, I didn’t care.  I wanted her to be happy, but she wouldn’t be if she stayed with me.
Dinner for Nysha
She entered the kitchen, flawless as usual.  I stood up and pulled out her chair.   “Have dinner with me, Ny,” I said.  “I had the chef make your favorite.”
She sat down and tossed her hair out of her face.  “I’d much rather you cut the crap and get straight to the real, Orion.”
“What do you want me to say?”
“That you’re dumping me.”
“I’m not dumping you.  I made a decision, and you don’t like my decision.”
Flawless Nysha
“Orion, I’m sorry I said that.  Give me a chance.  I’m sure I could learn to like your kid.”
“You already showed your hand, Nysha.  No point in trying to renege.”
“Orion, I love you.  I don’t want this.  You haven’t touched me in weeks!”
“How can I?  You hate my son; a child you’ve never met.  So, by default, you hate me.  I can’t be with a woman who hates me.”
“Please, O!  We can work this out!  Give me a chance; let me meet the kid.”
“No,” I said.  “I told you, your first words on the subject represented your true feelings.  I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.  Let’s just go ahead and call this what it is: the end.  I’m sure you’ll have another sugar daddy within a week, if you don’t already.”
“Have I presumed too much?”
“Do you love me at all?”
“I care about you, Ny, but I never loved you.”
She wiped her eye.  “So this is it?”
Nysha doesn't want to lose her man
“Yes,” I said.  “My son will have his first visit this weekend, so I need your stuff out by Thursday night.  I’ve made arrangements for you to stay in the Rampart for two months so you can get on your feet.  Rent and utilities paid.”
“How magnanimous.  This isn’t about the kid, is it?”
“What are you talking about?”
“This thing.  It’s not about your son.  It’s about his mother.  You want her, don’t you?”
“Nysha, that has nothing to do with anything.  We can’t stay together because you don’t want my son around.  His mother has nothing to do with this.”
“You’re such a liar, Orion.  You haven’t been able to get it up for me in weeks, and you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction!  You’re fucking her, because you certainly aren’t fucking me!”
“Nysha, she is engaged to another man.  I told you.  I’m not sleeping with my son’s mother.”  I would if I could, that much I was certain of.
“So, what’s wrong with you?  There was a time, not long ago, when you would nail me to the wall if I so much as crooked my little finger in your direction!  Now I can shove my pussy in your face and your dick won’t even twitch!  Explain that!”
“I can’t.  I just haven’t felt like having sex.”
“Don’t treat me like an idiot, Orion.  I deserve the truth.  You want to fuck her, don’t you?  If you haven’t yet, you want to!  What, does she have a platinum pussy or something?  Because I assure you, it cannot be as good as this!”  She pointed between her legs.  “Tell me the truth, Orion.  Are you sleeping with her?”
I looked Nysha dead in the eyes.  “No.” 
“Fucking liar,” she said.  “I’ll come back for my shit!”  She got up and stormed out.  I sighed and started eating my dinner of lobster tail and grilled vegetables.  That afternoon in my apartment, Phaedra and I had kissed like it was six years ago and we were never separated.  I pushed her against the wall and my hands were all over her.  She held on to me; our bodies were crushed together and I felt the pebbling of her nipples and I know she felt my rock-hard dick.  I hooked my arms around her legs and lifted her, pushing her dress above her hips.  I caressed her thighs and grabbed her ass while we kissed, and I once again implored her to tell me to stop…stop…stop…and she didn’t, so I licked two of my fingers and slipped them inside her panties.  The minute I touched her vagina, her eyes snapped open and she stopped kissing me.
Love of his life
          “What?” I said, horny beyond belief.  “What?  You always let me play with your pussy when we kiss like this!”
          “No,” she said, turning away and smoothing her dress. “It was a mistake.   I let it go too far.  I’m sorry; I didn’t mean for that to happen, O.  I need you to take me back to my car so I can go home to my man and my kid.”
          I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths.  Two more seconds and I would have had her clit in my mouth and sucked both her and myself into a blissful orgasm.  “All right.  You can use the hall bathroom and straighten yourself up.”
          She nodded and nearly ran into the bathroom.  I went into my bedroom and closed the door.  I couldn’t help it; I grabbed Nysha’s baby oil and masturbated to climax.  Then I cleaned myself up and met her in the hallway.  She was staring at me.
          “I apologize, Orion.  I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry that I let it go that far.  I’m not a tease.  I love CJ.  I do.  I love him and I’m going to marry him.  I just lost my head for a moment.”
          “You almost lost your clothes,” I replied.  “Don’t tell me that it didn’t feel good; us kissing like that.  And don’t tell me that you don’t want more.”
          “I won’t,” she said.  “Let’s forget it happened.  Come on, let’s go.”
I would have given it up.
          “You’re crazy.  I can’t forget that kiss, and all I want is to kiss you again. CJ doesn’t do it like me, does he?  I bet…I bet that he doesn’t do everything you want him to; you have to settle in some regard, don’t you?  Come here, Phaedra.  Come to me and let this thing play out.” 
          “No,” she said.   “I admit that I lost my head.  I admit that I still find you appealing.  But it doesn’t mean anything, Orion.  We were always sexually compatible; too much so.  However, I am in love with CJ and I won’t do that to him.”
          “One day you will, and we both know it.  I’m crazy about you,” I said.  “I’m going to make it hard for you, Phaedra.  You know that you belong with me.”
          “You’re being an arrogant asshole, Orion.  I’ll forget that you said those words and please, take me back to my car.”
          I put my coat on and drove her back to her job.  The next time we got anywhere close to kissing, she would be mine and CJ would never get her back.


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    Orion is so hard up I love it! He's like the villain I'd rather root for than hate. Not saying he's a villain he just has villainous tendencies... lmao.


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