Musings in the Dark: TELA Smutty Outtake, part deux...


TELA Smutty Outtake, part deux...

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He didn’t even need to ask.  Kit helped me get up and I got Jelani to his room and put him to bed.  Kit handed me a damp cloth to wipe his cheeks and forehead.  I tucked him in and turned on his mobile and the bed camera.  Then I walked out and quietly closed the door.  Kit followed me back to my bedroom, putting his hands on my waist.  As soon as the door was closed, he had me up against the wall and we were kissing passionately.  I throbbed all over, and from the feel of him, he did too.
We made it to the bed, where he tore off my panties and I pulled off his shorts.  To have him naked and on top of me was unspeakably fantastic.  We kissed fervently; our hands in each other’s hair, our bodies pressed together in a scintillating vortex of heat.  I always knew from the moment where we put our feelings for each other out there that our coming together would be explosive.  It took a month, but the shock wave from our union would spread forth like that of a volcanic blast, and would have the same ripple effects.
He broke the kiss and looked at me.  I was so wet; it was like I was drowning in my own juices.  Kit stared at me; his eyes were dark and as shiny as a moonlit midnight, and he pressed his lips to my ear and said, “You’re marinating.  You’re so wet for me.  I can’t tell you what a turn on that is, what it does to me.”  He reached down and slid the back of his fingers against my lips, brushing against my swollen clit.  I nearly shrieked in response before grabbing the back of his head and kissing him.
“Kit,” I breathed.  “I don’t know how long I can hold out…I want you in so many ways; I don’t even know where to begin…kissing you, stroking you…where to start?”
“Zuri,” he said, kissing my neck while angling my hips, “Calm down.  Just let me pleasure you.  Come if you want to come, but don’t hold back.  Let me know when I make you feel good.”  He pulled my arms up and pinned my wrists to the bed.  Then he bent down and took one of my tender breasts in his mouth, running his tongue around and the nipple in slow delirious circles before affixing his magnificent lips around it before sucking.  It was like there was a direct line between my tit and my girlfriend; the moment he started nipple play, she started gushing.  He released my hands and pushed my breasts together and buried his face in my cleavage. 
“Zuri,” he moaned.  It sounded like he was beside himself.  It certainly felt like he was.  He started sucking the other nipple while tugging on the first.  Incoherent sounds escaped my lips as I felt myself go.  I couldn’t help it; it has been a damn long time since I’d been touched like thiscome to think of it, I’d never been touched like this.  I groaned and cradled his head as he exhaled his pleasure.  Kit bit my nipples and I gasped; the sultry mix of pleasure and pain made me gush again.  “Oh!” I cried.  “Oh, Kit, ohhhhhhhhhh!”  I locked my legs around his hips and could not stop myself from climaxing.  Number one.
“Mmmn,” he groaned, making his way across my cleavage to savor my other nipple.  I arched so that my breasts buried his face and he could access freely.  He let the other nipple go with a muffled ‘pop!’  “Mmmn,” he said again, “Zuri, so good…”
He pressed a hot kiss in my cleavage and licked his way down and over my navel, swirling his tongue in the dip.  Then he looked up at me; that smile creased his face and made my heart soar.  “Come down to the end of the bed so that I can get on my knees.”
I didn’t need any help, but Kit helped me scoot down to the end of the bed anyway.  Kit got down on his knees before me and dropped sweet, painful kisses on my thighs as he unrolled my stockings.  He spread my legs and looked up at me, working his way close to kiss my chest and my belly.  He moved with elaborate slowness as his soft hair and softer lips slid across my skin; the two sensations were mind-blowing. 
“Jesus, Kit…” I was about to climax once more.  Apparently, he sensed it, for he dipped his head and smelled me.
“Don’t do it,” he warned, pressing veed fingers against me.  “Wait another minute or so.  Wait for me, Zuri.”
“I’ll try,” I said, bracing myself against the bed.
He chuckled and dropped a kiss on my belly.  “We’re going to take our time, make this last for as long as the baby is asleep.”  Kit maneuvered my hips until my pelvis tilted and he slid his arms underneath my hips and over my torso me so that he could fondle my breasts.  He tossed my legs over his shoulders and it was all I could do to keep from squealing.  I gripped the bedcovers as sweat popped out on my forehead; I was breathing like a steam engine and flowing like a rapid mountain stream.  I couldn’t move my hips or my legs; Kit’s obvious pleasure at giving me head was more than enough to send me over the edge.  I couldn’t stop the torrent that was my impending orgasm.
“Kit,” I moaned, “Kit, move your head…I’m going to come.  Please, I don’t want to—”
“So come,” he ordered.
In his voice, I heard the command of a senior FBI agent; someone a criminal wouldn’t want to fuck with, and it drove me crazy.  I tried to hold back; I tried to keep from drenching his face, because for sure I was going to squirt this time.  He wouldn’t let me go.  He felt me tense up and paused long enough to say, “Don’t be embarrassed to climax, Zuri.  That’s what I want you to do, what I want to make you do.”
“I don’t want to come all over your face…!” I moaned.
I want you to come all over my face,” he said.  “I want that.  So give me what I want.”
Then he buried his face between my thighs and slipped his tongue inside me, wiggled it, and that did it.  I exploded.  My toes curled and uncurled, matching the grip of my hands and Kit’s name left me on a long, low moan as I climaxed once more.  Number two.
          I fell back on the bed, winded, hands hurting from gripping the covers so hard.  “I can’t believe you made me do that.”
          He stood over me, his erection a beautiful brown exclamation point.  ““You’re delicious.  I’ll make you do it again, if you want.”
          “You’re asking me?”
          “I’m a gentleman,” he said.  “A gentleman treats a lady exactly how she wants to be treated.  If you want to come that hard again, I’ll make you.”
          I closed my eyes and moaned, staring at the moisture on his lips and his cheeks.  “Kit…”
He checked the nightstand and found the condoms.  Kit came back to the bed, staring at me.  He caressed my face.  “I have to be inside you, Zuri.  Now.  I’ll be as gentle as I can, because I know it’s been a while, but be advised that all I really want to do is just bury myself deep inside you as quickly as possible.  Put the condom on for me.” 
I grinned wickedly and took the package, then laid it on the bed.  He stared at me.  “Zuri?”
“Turnabout’s fair play, don’t you think?”
“Do you want to give me head?”
I slid my fingers around him and licked the tip.  “What do you think?”
“Sassy,” he said, his breathing constricting.  “And sexy.  Suck away; I won’t stop you.  But I do want to come inside you, so if I pull away, it’s because I’m about to bend you over.”
I murmured in delight, glad to take over.  He felt so good in my mouth; so hard, so right.  I slid my hands around his waist and relaxed my jaw, moving my head in a slow, seductive rhythm.  Soon, he had double handfuls of my hair and guided me over the landscape of his dick.  He tasted good; light and salty, a flavor I could get used to.
“Zuri,” he moaned, trying not to move my head faster.
I ran my tongue around and around, flicking the tip over his frenulum and the back of it over the head.  Kit stiffened, and just as he’d said, he pulled away from me, pushed me to the side, grabbed my waist and bent me over.  I love a man who isn’t afraid to manhandle me.  Lord knows I need it. I heard the quick rip of plastic, then another moment and he was inside me.  My back arched to accommodate him and he grabbed my hips, smacking my ass.
“Zuri,” he murmured.  “Zuri…”
 I closed my eyes and met his rhythm, popping my hips against his every time we connected.  “I feel you; you feel so good, it’s like you’re filling me up, Kit.  Mmmm….harder.  Pull my hair.”
A moment and then my neck was yanked back as he pulled my hair.  We moved faster, enjoying the smacking sounds our bodies made and the sounds that emanated from our mouths.  The bed bounced, knocking against the wall.  I spared a glance at the monitor to see if Kit’s and my noises woke Jelani, and was glad to see they hadn’t.  I’m an aural lover, and there was nothing like the music of really good sex.  I bent lower, putting my arms down on the bed and spread a little more.  My breasts were leaking.  I reached back and began to play with my clitoris.  He hissed and banged against me like a wild man.
“Zuri,” he said, his breath coming in hot hitches.  “Zuri, I’m about to come…I’m going to…”
I closed my eyes, pinched my clit and clamped down on his dick.  He felt the caving of the sugar walls and from that, burst.  I burst as well; running from the top and the bottom.  Kit trembled and stumbled forward, collapsing on top of me.  I grunted as I took his weight.  He covered my body and his limp dick slid out of me, mixing with the remnants of my third orgasm.
“Your ass is so soft, Zuri.  You’re so soft; every curve, every line, every bump…I love touching you.  I know that I’m heavy, but I could stay here with you like this.”  He rolled off me and removed the used condom.
I turned over and looked at him, swiping my sweaty forehead.  My breasts still dribbled, but not much.  Kit looked at me.
“You leaked during sex?”
“A couple of times; especially when you made me come.  I sprayed the bed a few seconds ago.
“I wish I’d been under it,” he said.  “That’s a kink of mine, Zuri.  Do you mind?”
“You have a breast milk fetish?”
“It’s a turn-on.  Are you leaking now?”
“Yeah.  Jelani will be up soon, so I should get cleaned up.”
Kit ran a hand over my back before lifting my arm.  He rolled in such a way that I was over him and he kneaded my breasts.  Soon, thin dribbles of colostrum escaped my nipples and he licked it off my skin.  He didn’t press hard and he made sure not to spray; he just gently licked the beads of liquid that formed on my nipples.
“If I were your son, I’d never give up the breast.”
“Whatever, Kit.  You know that greedy little fatboy is getting off the tit within the next three months.”  I remained over my sexy, quirky lover, immensely pleased.  “You make me feel good, Kit.  You know how to do it, do me.”
“I’m your man; I’d better know how to do my woman.  I don’t want another man trying to find out your sweet spots and your sexy secrets.”
I smiled and then a scream cut the air.  I looked over at the monitor.  Jelani was awake and wiggling out from under the blankets.  I sighed.
Kit gently kissed both nipples and slid off the bed.  “Go on and wash up.  I’ll get him.”
When he brought my squalling son into the room, Jelani was freshly changed.  He was on Kit’s shoulder and I watched as a few soft words and a couple of strokes on his back calm Jelani down.  Kit kissed the baby’s head and handed him to me.  I lay back down and arranged him against me.  Jelani started sucking and this time it really hurt, for I’d discovered that Kit too, was a hard sucker.
“You owe me, I said.  You suck hard too.”
“I promise that you can suck anything hard of mine anytime you wish.”
“Sure,” I said.  “Of course you would.”
Kit sat beside me, covering us with the sheet.  He kissed my ear.  “Zuri, that was beautiful.”
“I thought so too.”
“Were it not for the baby, we’d be at it again.”
“We would.”
“I’m spending the night.”
“I hope so.”
“I want this; I want all of this, all of you, every bit of it.”
“Kit, it’s already yours.”  I wasn’t about to play games with this man.
“I’m going to see to it that it stays that way.  He adjusted so that I fit in the curve of his arm.  We lay together and I found myself dozing against him while my baby nursed.  “You like it hard, don’t you?”
“I do, at times.  When the mood calls for it.”
“I’ll do what you want when you want it, Zuri.  Now get comfortable, let’s go to sleep.”
I couldn’t argue.  Kit made me come three times.  I wasn’t fit to do much else.  We lay back and I adjusted Jelani so that he could lie on a pillow.  I wrapped around my baby and Kit wrapped around me.  And we were like that, comfortable, happy, and as close to in love as two could be.  I wouldn’t put labels on what we had; Kit and I were together, and that was fine for me.
“Do you want more, Zuri?”
“More out of this, what we have here.”
“Kit, as long as we’re together and you’re good to my son, I’m fine.”
“Good,” he said. “I want what you want, and if that changes, then I’ll change to adjust to it.  I’m with you, and I want to continue to be with you.  I’m so crazy about you.  Let’s have something; let’s really have a life together.”
“All right,” I said.  “What does that entail?”
“An open mind and a man you can trust.  Completely.  Do that and I’ll do the rest.”
I ran my hands down Jelani’s back, thinking of how Kit supported me and helped me bring forth my son.  How he had defended me time and again; how he had saved me.  There was no reason not to trust him.  I looked into this man’s eyes; the potential father of my child, as far as I was concerned, and saw all I needed to see.  “Let’s do it.  Give me everything, Kit.”

fin.  For real this time.


  1. Nah, I don't think it's finished. These characters have too much life in them.

  2. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it. Problem is, I don't have another plot bunny to put them in.

    Considering that I thought I was done with Zuri and Kit before, you may be right.


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