Musings in the Dark: Book Review: Women of Darkness


Book Review: Women of Darkness

So I've reviewed my first book on Goodreads and BookBlogs: Women of Darkness.  I gave Women of Darkness 3/5 stars.  It's worth a read, but not something you need to hurry up and get.  I found it on Amazon for $.35, and I can say it was worth way more than that, based on the concept alone.  I really enjoyed at least six of the 20 stories, and liked at least half of them.  Take a look:  Goodreads          BookBlogs

Favorite Story? "Cannibal Cats Come Out Tonight" by Nancy Holden.

Next on my list of books to review:  As You Wish by Nichelle Gregory, and Women of Darkness II, also edited by Kathryn Ptacek.

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