Musings in the Dark: The End of a Love Affair: Smutty Outtake


The End of a Love Affair: Smutty Outtake

A/N:  I thought I was done with Kit and Zuri, but the other day, they demanded that I allow them to have sex.  So, for your reading pleasure...  Rating: NC-17 and a fetish warning.  Not for the squeamish.
The plan was to actually try and go out for the evening.  Kit didn’t mind Jelani being a part of the date; he wanted to include my child in nearly everything we did.  It made our dating plans interesting, for they had to accommodate a three-month old baby.  But for the mere fact that Kit wanted Jelani around made it quite easy for him to get anything he wanted out of me.  Not that he has; ever since that beautiful night in my bedroom where we put our feelings out there, the most we’ve ever done is kiss and make out.  He’s been busy working cases with J____, and I recently reported to Quantico for my new job as a firearms instructor.  And he didn’t want to rush, which was fine with me.
Kit made an effort to see me at least twice a week; we actually planned our time together.  On those days, we were determined to leave work at a decent hour (it’s more difficult for him than it is for me), and he came to my house.  I’ve been to his apartment a couple of times, but he prefers coming to me so I don’t have to lug Jelani’s diaper bag and carrier around.  Either way, when we see each other, there’s a pressure in my chest and a tingling in my extremities.  I wanted Kit in the worst way; kissing him leaves me with an ache, a void, a sweet pain that nothing in the world could eradicate, except for one thing.  The woman in me; the one he’d unleashed, screamed for him and I could deny her but so long.
  Kit made arrangements for a Brazilian restaurant that I’d been dying to go to, and it was a place where I’d be comfortable with Jelani.  My precious baby boy bounced in his little seat and made happy little noises while I made up my face and fixed my hair.  I haven’t dressed up in months and it felt good to do so.  I wanted to look good for Kit; I wanted to be irresistible to him.  I wanted him to look at me and think what a sexy woman I was; how fortunate he was to have such a hot babe as his girlfriend.  What I really wanted was for him to be unable to keep his hands off me.  I bought condoms and stuck them in my nightstand because if I had my way, we would have sex this evening.  Jelani slept in his room now, and I had no fear that he would hear us getting it on.
The doorbell rang once; to let me know he was there, and then I heard him come in.  I gave him a key to my house two weeks ago.  I stepped back and looked at myself; the dress was a classic Badgley-Mischka LBD; simple, elegant and just the right amount of clinginess to accentuate my curves.  I wore it with thigh-high seamed stockings and a pair of black patent B-M heels.  My boobs were huge; Jelani was still on the tit and he was a greedy little boy.  I did the best I could to harness my cannons and wore nipple pads just in case I leaked.  Kit made no secret about his fascination with my breasts, but I did want him to look me in the eyes at some point during our evening.
“I’m in my bedroom,” I said, turning this way and that, tugging, pulling and tucking to make sure I looked my absolute best.  Jelani bounced happily in his rocker and made ga-ga sounds, as if to emphasize how good his mother looked.
Kit entered the room and stopped at the door just as I finished securing my corset.  “Hi, Kit.”
He stared at me for a very long moment, and I took the time to appreciate the utter fineness that was my boyfriend.  His hair was down; I liked it loose, and he wore a black suit, Kenneth Cole from the look, with an open throated white shirt.  I closed my eyes as I felt my womanly recesses begin to burn.
“I haven’t had a chance to dress up for you,” I said.  “You’ve seen me looking beat to shit and my hair a hot fire mess, and you still want me…I thought it would be nice for you to see me in all my feminine glory and wonder if you’ll want me still.”
“If I told you that it wasn’t necessary to go out; that I’d be willing to have my dinner right here…” he waved his hand in front of me, “…would that answer your question?”
I blinked.  “I didn’t cook anything.”
He came towards me.  “I didn’t mean that, Zuri.  You look so…you look amazing. If you said, ‘Let’s stay here,’ then I’m willing to do it.  I’ll do anything you want, you know that.”
“It took me two hours to get ready, Kit.  Including the time it took for me to get Jelani ready.  So, we’re going out to dinner.  I didn’t pour my wide ass into this dress just to turn around and take it off.”
He put his hands on my waist and pulled me in for a kiss.  I put my arms around him and kissed him back, leaning into him.  Kit’s hot, solid, sexy and considerate.  He’s the kind of man any woman would be fortunate to lose herself in.  And I wanted to lose myself in him.  His hands slid down and over my ass.  He gripped my cheeks and I murmured against his lips.  He had never grabbed my ass before; nor pressed me into him so that I felt his arousal.  Kit broke the kiss and looked at me.  He had lipstick on his lips and I wiped it off, knowing my own were smeared.  I’d freshen up in the car.
“Zuri, I want you more every time I see you.  I need to be with you; I need more than the sweetness of your mouth and the softness of your skin.  I want you; all of you, every inch of you.  Let me make love to you tonight.  Please.”
I pressed my forehead to his and considered the fact that it really wasn’t that difficult to get into the dress, and it wouldn’t be hard to get it back on.  The stockings were thigh highs; I could conceivably leave them on, and the heels if he wanted me to.
“Kit, I need you too,” I said.  “I want you; I need you…and you owe me another chance to wear this dress.”  I turned around so that he could slip it off me, and he did so, kissing my bare shoulders.
“Zuri, Zuri…what you do to me…”  He unhooked my corset and it fell down by my feet.  I moaned as his hands came around to caress my breasts, which had started to ache.  I watched us in the mirror; Kit’s dark head bent over my shoulder, dropping tender kisses.  His body heat was intense; as if he were a sun and I was drawn in by his gravitational pull.  He stepped back to remove his jacket, slacks and shirt and I turned to be treated to the hardness of his body and the softness of his lips.  My hands found their way into his silky dark hair and his once again found their way to my ass.  He gripped me hard, and bit my bottom lip.  I gasped, overcome with surprise and desire at my body’s response to his aggressive actions.  His breathing grew rapid and his kisses intensified.
“Zuri,” he broke off, nibbling the tip of my nose.  “Change of plans.  I don’t want to make love to you.  I want to fuck you.  Do you mind?”
Who was he kidding?  I was tingling all over from the bite to my lip.  To ensure he understood, I bit him back and nibbled his chin.  “That answer your question?”
When my feet left the floor is beyond me.  My back was pushed into the firm comfort of my bed and then Kit was all over me.  We kissed; hard, hot and heavy and he was between my spread legs, gripping my bare upper thighs so hard I knew bruises would form.  I still wore my panties and he his boxers, and we ground against each other like it didn’t matter.  He stroked my breasts and fingered my nipples; making them ache even more and I groaned with unreleased need.
Kit liked to kiss, and he was damned good at it.  He took his time with my mouth, but there was nothing tender about the way he ravaged my mouth and nothing sweet about my response to it.  I longed for him to be inside of me; my body throbbed and I’d arched my wet panties up into him enough so that he’d know for sure how horny I was.
“Kit,” I moaned as he kissed and licked my throat.  I slipped my hand into his shorts and caressed him; his dick was warm and hard and it felt like heaven in my hand.
“Zuri,” he breathed.  “Zuri, please…”
I started to stroke him as we kissed, really wanting him free so I could grip him good, but our desire was shattered by the cries of my infant son.
“Damn it,” I said, my hand still around Kit’s erection.  “Jelani…why?”
Kit kissed me once more and rolled off.  I wanted to scream in frustration, but got up to tend to my baby.  He was crying and I picked him up.  He had soiled his diaper and he was hungry.
“Kit, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it,” he said, getting up to come stand behind me.  “We’re going to be fine, my dear.  He can’t help it.”
“Can you get me a diaper, some wipes and powder?”
Kit went to get the items and I removed Jelani’s adorable little outfit and the smelly diaper.  I cleaned him up while Kit disposed of the mess, and then washed my hands.  Then I lay down on my bed, irritated while Jelani rubbed his face in one of my breasts.  Sighing, I attached his mouth to the nipple and cradled him.  Kit came back in and saw me.  For what felt like an hour, but could have been no more than seconds, he watched me nurse my son and then got in bed with us.  He told me to hold on to Jelani and adjusted us in bed so that we could lock legs and he could support me.
“Kit?” I asked as he resumed kissing the side of my face and slid a hand down my thigh.  “Maybe we should have gone out to dinner.  Perhaps that’s why this little guy decided to cut the ape and ruin the moment.”
He chuckled.  “It won’t be the last moment he ruins.  Besides, if you want to go out, we still can.  If not, I’ll definitely take you out to dinner tomorrow.”
“Don’t you have to work?”
He shrugged.  “Half the time, J____ doesn’t need my assistance.  He takes off on assignments at will.  It used to annoy me, but it doesn’t anymore.  He can do without me for another day.  I want to spend quality time with my lady and her little boy.”
At this, Jelani waved his fat little fist.  I couldn’t help but chuckle.  “I want to spend time with you too, Kit.  Apparently, so does my son.”
“Good,” he said.  Then he started kissing the side of my face as I switched Jelani to the other breast. “It looks like he’s getting sleepy.”
“I hope so.  He’s a hard sucker.”
“Is that right?” Kit said.
I smiled and cradled the baby.  “Yes.”
Kit’s hand slid under my arm and began to stroke my nipple.  “Does it hurt?”
“A little,” I said.  It was the truth; Jelani’s jaws were strong and he had a tendency to clamp my nipples.  I sometimes had to apply cold compresses to my breasts when he finished feeding.  I didn’t know when I would wean him, but it wouldn’t be long before I started.
“What about now?” Kit said, moving his kisses to my ear.
I closed my eyes and squeezed my legs together.  “It hurts in an entirely different way.”  This ache I didn’t mind.
“Is that right?” he asked again.
“Yes,” I murmured, praying Jelani was asleep enough to be put down.
He pressed a kiss to my ear.  “I have to admit, Zuri, that watching you nurse your baby is a turn-on,” he said.  “I could watch you with him all night.  I’m so horny for you right now.”
“Really?” I said.  I knew that he watched me feed Jelani sometimes, but I never knew it made him horny.  “That’s a bit of useful information, don’t you think?”
“Well,” he breathed, starting to pinch my nipple, “I’ve tried to stay away from you whenever you do it just because I don’t think I could stop myself from jumping you.”
“What about it do you find exciting? The way I look or the way he feeds?  Or is it just my boobs being on display?”
“All of it,” he said, moaning as a dribble of milk leaked onto his fingertips.  I whimpered in response and instinctively flinched.  Jelani’s head moved and his lips pulled away from my engorged nipple; still making sucking motions.  Milk streamed out and sprayed his little face.  But he was asleep.  Kit watched this and groaned, squeezing me tight.  “I have to have you now, Zuri.  I want you so bad that I can taste it.  Please, please put Jelani down for the night.”


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