Musings in the Dark: Shortie: "Precession"


Shortie: "Precession"

Introducing Orion Kazuo Korematsu, inspired by the gorgeous Rick Yune (my baby's daddy), and Phaedra Janelle Thornton, inspired by the lovely Nia Long.  "Precession" is the story of Orion's determination to win back the heart of the woman he left.

Orion Kazuo Korematsu
 There is no denying the fact that I fucked up with the first footsteps that took me away from her, from them. And yet, besieged by weakness and failure, I kept walking. I walked and walked, still hearing her screams and the encouragement of the doctors to “push…push…push….” I hated myself; I felt lower than the slime on the ocean floor; more disgusting than cockroach entrails. What could I, a man who had nothing, offer her? What kind of father would I be to him? Who was I? What was I? What place did I deserve in their lives? At the time, the answers were no one, nothing, and nowhere.

That was six years ago. Since that time, I have changed my answers. Who am I? Orion Kazuo. What am I? A capo for the Ishiguro family. What place do I deserve in their lives? Her husband, his father. As it should have been, but I was too much of a broke-ass punk to realize that my presence, my support and my love would have more than compensated for my lack of financial stability. The day I walked out burned vividly in my mind. I’ll never forget it and I shouldn’t. What I did to them is unforgivable. Yet I want the chance to make it up to them. I’m certainly in a far better position to take care of them now. As caporegime for the Ishiguros, I have become a wealthy man; though I am not one to show it off.  It's not wise for a man in my position.  I'm the head of the southeast region of operations. The underboss, Seiichi Ishiguro, is very close to me, as I was fiercely loyal to the family, and have been from the day I started working for them. I owned a very nice apartment and two cars; my crews take care of our region and keep things moving. I could give them a good life, a better life. Not to mention that there was a hole in my heart that needs to be filled and I can’t go on until it is.

Phaedra Thornton
Six years ago, I left my girlfriend of five years, Phaedra, while she was giving birth to our son. I had been out of work for about two months, and my prospects were slim due to the economy. Phaedra was taking care of us and I was living with her. I was frantic about my child’s future. For the life of me, I couldn’t see not giving him all he deserved when I had nothing. In a fit of supreme weakness, I walked out of the hospital. I left. I left my newborn son and his mother, a woman I’m still crazy about. I walked out on my family, just like a punk-ass bitch. I regretted that mistake from that day on.   Phaedra is a strong, beautiful woman and I know she is a wonderful mother. After I started working for the Ishiguros, I began sending Phaedra money. 

Watching Phaedra
From a distance, I watched her push our son in the stroller, watched her take him to the park, watched her nurture him, watched him thrive under her love. I longed to be by her side and to hold our son in the air and play with him. Sometimes I watched her with him with low tears in my eyes because I dearly miss her and my son. Phaedra has always been beautiful, but now she is a stone-cold knockout and she turned many heads. She’d lost some weight--not too much, cut off all her hair and now sported a short haircut.  As I made my way through the ranks of Ishiguro’s soldiers and gained more respect and money, I always sent half of my earned fees to Phaedra and our son.

I always assumed that Phaedra would name our child Orion after me; she absolutely loved my name and what it represented. But I heard her call my son one day and then learned that she named him something else.  She called him Quintaz, which was not the name we’d agreed on, but a nice name regardless. However, I wanted my son to have my name. Selfish, I know, considering what I did, but Orion Kazuo, Jr. is my son’s real name.  

Phaedra and Quintaz

Every year, on May tenth, I send Quintaz a birthday gift. Something he can use, anything I think Phaedra might want for him. Anything that will help him in school. I also send her presents. She has always been partial to jewelry and pretty feminine things. When I send Quintaz’ present, I send hers as well.

You see, I am still in love with her. Six years have passed and that has not changed at all. However, with my current job status, I’ve ended up with another girlfriend. Her name is Nysha, and she’s pretty. We’ve been together three years, and she’s great. Nysha is protective of me and somewhat jealous, although she has no need to be. But I don’t love her. I like her and I care to a certain extent, but as far as loving her goes, there will never be a chance of that. My heart has always belonged to Phaedra. Nysha doesn’t know I have a son; it’s really none of her business.  

But thoughts of Phaedra and Quintaz are overwhelming me. I could do so much for them now. I could set Phaedra up in my penthouse and shower her with gifts. She wouldn’t have to work another day in her life. I’d give my son the world. I want the chance to do that, more than anything else. I want the chance to make up for abandoning them.  Nysha wonders why I don’t want to make love to her. It’s because I want Phaedra. Nysha is attractive and sexy, just what a man like me needs on my arm. But I want Phaedra back. I still want her, and I’ve decided that I’ll have her. She’s mine.

No need to explain who inspired this shortie.
to be continued...


  1. I'm hooked as always. Can't wait for next segment.

  2. The pictures are awesome. This is some clever work, very well put together.


    You have done well, grasshopper.

  3. Love your short stories they inspire me to want to give it a go and I love the name Orion always wanted to use that name for something (haven't quite figured out what yet)Oh and yeah more story please?


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