Musings in the Dark: Horror 102: Sci-Fi Horror


Horror 102: Sci-Fi Horror

Event Horizon (1997) is about a rescue crew who are tapped to head to Neptune and recover a lost one-of-a-kind spaceship.  The ship was fitted with an experimental gravity drive, designed for deep space exploration.  But it disappeared seven years prior to the events of the movie and no one knows where it went.  Captain Miller, played by Laurence Fishburne, leads the rescue mission with his crew along with the ship’s creator, Dr. Weir, played by Sam Neill. 

When they arrive in the clouds of Neptune, the ship, named Event Horizon, is just sitting there minus its 18-member crew.  The rescue crew boards the ship and begins their investigation into what happened and why.  It does not take long for them to regret doing this, as the ship ventured into another universe, called the “hell dimension.”  They find out exactly what happened to the crew of the Event Horizon and they will experience the same fate if they don’t get off the ship.  Captain Miller, keeping it as real as a brotha can in a leadership position, says, “We’re leaving,” and that is my favorite line from this movie.

Event Horizon bombed at the box office but has since gained a cult following. I wish I could watch the Director’s Cut, as it contains additional footage and gruesome details about what the original crew of the Event Horizon experienced.  I, being a gore-curious sort, want to see all the ways hell was manifested with the crew.  I don’t know why it bombed; it may be because of the derivative storytelling that took place once the crew boarded the ship. I don’t know; I love this movie.

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