Musings in the Dark: Horror 102: Horror Anthology


Horror 102: Horror Anthology

This wonderful little anthology came out in 2007.  It’s a collection of five interrelated stories involving the “Rules of Halloween” and featuring a precious orange-pajama-burlap-sack-wearing little scamp named Sam. I adore Sam (which is a nickname for Samhain) and even when he gets unmasked, he’s still adorable. Sam is the keeper of Halloween and it is his job to make sure that the rules are followed. 

Sam, aka Halloween Badass

The rules are: (1) Always wear a costume, (2) Never blow out a jack o’ lantern, (3) Always check your candy, (4) Never head out at night alone, (5) Always pass out candy and treats, and (6) Leave your decorations up all night.  If the rules are not followed, Sam intervenes and makes short work of the offenders.

The five stories involve (1) a grumpy woman who hates the holiday, (2) a nasty prank played by some kids, (3) the adventures of a serial-killing principal, (4) a grumpy old man getting his comeuppance, and (5) a group of girlfriends going to a party; one’s a virgin and is struggling to find a “date.” 

Trick ‘r Treat is one movie that I watch on a regular basis; not just during Halloween.  The stories are seamless and the writing is great, as is the direction. You don’t want to fuck with the rules of Halloween; you for damn sure don’t want Sam coming for your ass.


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