Musings in the Dark: Horror 102: Creature Feature Horror


Horror 102: Creature Feature Horror

The Relic (1997) is one of my all-time favorite movies.  My bestie and I caught it at the dollar theater waaaaay back in the day.  A detective, Lt. D’Agosta is investigating the decapitation deaths of the crew of a cargo ship and they lead him to Chicago’s Museum of Natural History, where he meets an evolutionary biologist, Dr. Green.  More murders happen in the museum and Green and D'Agosta have to work together to discover the culprit; which just so happens to be the Kothoga, a South American chimeric lizard god. The beast is quickly and constantly evolving due to rapid mutations in its DNA.

What I love most about The Relic is the Kothoga itself; its design, its genesis, and how it kills. The Kothoga feeds off hormones that are contained in a plant fungus.  When the plants are inadvertently destroyed, the beast must get its nourishment elsewhere, and that elsewhere happens to be the human brain. The Kothoga kills by ripping off a human head in order to suck out the hypothalamus.  The hypothalamus is full of the hormones that the monster needs to survive.

This movie is AWESOME!!!!

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