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Horror 102: Horror Comedy

Tremors (1990) is the story of Valentine McKee and Earl Bass, played by Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward respectively.  They are the hired help and friends to the handful of residents in a tiny Nevada town called Perfection.  Val and Earl are sick of their doldrum existence as odd job workers and take off for the nearest big city (in this case, Bixby).  But before they can get out of Perfection, strange occurrences take place and they end up trapped.  The strange occurrences--people dying on telephone poles or being dragged below ground--are tied to the existence of some giant prehistoric worms and the rest of the movie deals with how Val, Earl and the other residents of Perfection defend themselves against the worms.

Tremors is an absolute classic.  I caught it on television, because it bombed at the box office but became popular via video rentals.  It is a definite throwback to the B-movie classics of the 1950s.  Tremors also introduced the world to Burt M’f’n Gummer, (played by Michael Gross) one of the greatest horror movie characters of all time.  Every now and then, I have to watch it just for nothing but pure enjoyment of daylight horror.  The worms are freakin’ disgusting and Val and Earl have awesome chemistry.  Totally worth a watch if you (for some strange reason) have not yet seen it.

Note: Clearly the film has a devoted fan base because there are six (6) sequels of diminishing quality.  SIX!


  1. Okay I love this one. But I never even thought of it in terms of a comedy. But it fits.

    1. I crack up laughing every time I watch it.


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