Musings in the Dark: Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958-2016


Prince Rogers Nelson, 1958-2016

Rest in Power.
Y'all already heard the news about Prince Rogers Nelson being found dead in his Minnesota home at age 57. There will be a formal post honoring his memory coming in few days, but right now I'm just raw.  My heart aches and I can't stop crying.  My nose is full of snot and I got "Call My Name" on repeat and wishing I had a bottle of wine to go with.  I'm still not over the passing of His Pimpness David Bowie and now 2016 done fucking took His Royal Badness too?

I went through a similar experience when Michael died in 2009. The grief is real, yo, because my first experience with Prince was Controversy, but I didn't fall in love until 1999.  We been together for decades and then he had to go and die on me, y'all!  We purified ourselves in the waters of Lake Minnetonka and he still left me far too soon...I can't take anymore of 2016's bullshit!  

To say that The Purple One was a powerful influence is the understatement of the millennium. Prince changed the game early on, then changed it again and again.  Creatively, he was about 20 years ahead of everyone else and the most beautiful thing about him was the lack of fucks he gave about what folks thought as he sold over 100 million albums.

As the Dark Dilettantes know, I was in the process of writing another fanfic and I was using Prince's music as part of the soundtrack.  I listen to a lot of his music when I write anyway, but the songs chosen for "Lovesick" were particular favorites and now I just don't even know if I can do it...

With most artists, there's usually some sort of scandal that taints their careers and/or legacy. Somebody tell me if that ever happened with Prince.  

I'll wait.

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We have lost a true virtuoso and visionary.  May his legacy live on. Travel well and godspeed, Prince.


A heartbroken fan...


  1. This one hurts! I grew up with this man's music. People like him and Michael and David will NEVER be duplicated. And all I have heard are good things about him. There were no scandals about him. Heck you know its real when Nancy Grace calls the man untouchable.


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